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Why is there no emailing of posts?

  1. As a frequent poster on other blog servies, I am used to being able to fire off ane mail and have it immediately posted to my blog. This is a useful feature, since web access is not always convenient and it is easy to just type some text and hit send - even from a text-based mail client. I can't find any way for a blog owner/member to email a posting. Why isn't it an option as with other sites like Blogger?


    and if you want to suggest it to staff, use the feedback button on your dashboard

  3. We will introduce it at some point.

    You could always ask Blogger why they don't have Support that answers the same day (or in their case the same month). Works both ways :)

  4. Thanks for your replies. The workaround suggested by timethief is good for keeping people updated about the blog but not for usability of posting. I'll be looking forward to this feature being enabled. And the quality of WordPress (+ its support) is why we want to move away from Blogger.

  5. You can post from your mobile phone, though.

  6. I got the built in mail service to run hourly. If I emailed to my private address I never saw the post until I went to and that would launch the script to get the mail. Well that was no good. I tried to plug in that address into a cron job but it puked with an error. I then found a site talking about how to launch a php script using cron. Bingo! If your server is compiled for it wget is the key. It allows the php script to run the way it is supposed to. Sure enough it works from the command line on the server so I plugged it into a cron job and all is good!

  7. That doesn't apply to hosted blogs, tpkoons.

  8. You are welcome....go host it yourself

  9. @tpkoons and are two different entities running on two different kinds of software and different policies and contingencies apply to them. You are posting about a free standing blog in the forum for blogs hosted on this wordpress-MU (multi-user) blogging platform. We do not have plugins here and we cannot access or edit the php in our underlying templates. See:

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