Why is there odd spacing when I use quick press?

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    When I start a post in quick press if I save it to come back to later the spacing ends up all goofy. I can usually get it sorted out in the regular post editor but it’s annoying is there something I can do to stop that from happening?
    Blog url: http://behindthewillows.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is behindthewillows.com.



    That is rather odd, I’m not seeing the same behavior myself.

    Would you please try publishing one and leaving it up there with the extra spaces so I can take a look?


    I think I might not have explained well. Let me try again instead of just saying “goofy”!
    I use my quick press area almost exclusively for jotting down quick ideas to further edit and publish later. When I open the posts up to finish later every place that I hit the enter key which would normally be double spaced is single spaced. Then if I hit enter between them it goes to triple spaced and it takes a bunch of messing around to get it all the same. It’s really not a big deal, it’s just annoying and I was wondering if that’s just how it works or if it was possibly a setting I had off or something I was doing that I could change.



    It definitely shouldn’t work that way.

    Are you currently using Firefox 15.0.1? If so, would you please try with all browser add-ons temporarily disabled?

    If not, would you please let us know which browser (and version of) you’re using?


    I am using Firefox 15.0.1 and with all the browser add-ons disabled it doesn’t seem to make a difference. As a bonus after a few times in a row trying to make it do it to describe it to you and see if the add-ons helped I’m now good at getting it how I want! :)



    Well, that’s good at least! :)

    Do you mean that it’s working properly for you now?


    No it still does the single space to triple spaced and then has to be put back into double spaced. But really it’s not at all that big of a deal, I just intended this to be a quick question for a minor annoyance. I can just deal with it, after all like I said I’m much better at fixing it than I was before this conversation! :)

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