Why is this code string shwoing up when I try to post a link in Facebook?

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    Well, I dunno who’s end it was on, but I just tried again now and it seems to be working fine. Seems to have been fixed in the last hour or so it looks like. Sure would like to know what the deal was though.


    Now if I could just figure out why my gravatar isnt showing up here.



    Is your gravatar connected to the same email as your WP.com account? If not, it thinks you are two different people.


    Yes it is. My gravatar shows up in my WP profile, and as an icon in the top toolbar nect to “my account” but when I come over here it changes.



    Strange forum glitch. Sorry, I have no explanation.



    Oh, wait a minute. What “rating” is your gravatar set to? I be the forums will only display PG or G rated avatars.


    Good catch raincoaster, that could very well be it. I know in the past there have been some gravatars show up here that could rate 4 x’s.


    I rated it PG but its really a G. I just didnt want to scare any little kids. Its just an eye, Same eye that I have on my front page now in fact…




    Actually, I had the same problem and this is what I did to fix it.

    After you paste the link in the “link” box and press attach, that message will show up. BUT if you click on that message and type your own NEW message in, it will override it. A bit manually, but it will do!

    Hope it helps.


    Thanks pillowchats. I tried to do that a few times, but Facebook wouldn’t let me paste and started going goofy when I tried to do that. Might be doable though if FB would load correctly some of the time.



    Thanks for reporting the problem. The PollDaddy team is looking into the problem right now – we’ll give you an update as soon as we have more to share.





    sorry for belated post here, but this has been resolved for a while. Thanks again for your feedback!

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