why is this thread closed?

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    i started this thread and i just realised it’s closed to new comments.




    I didn’t close it…



    My guess is that it’s belittling the hard work of the designer. Whether you like a theme or not is personal opinion and to hear from (for example) 20 people that they think your theme sucks ain’t exactly nice.

    Yes, I’m as guilty as the rest, but that’s my guess…


    probably because matt (or whoever closed it, if not him) missed that it was a sister thread to the ‘best theme’ thread.

    probably also because most of the complaints look like they are levelled at the original designer, even though they have no control over the themes here.

    especially the ones aimed at hemingway, largely due to the ‘incomplete’ widget set. nevermind that he (kyle) was the first one to use widgets, and that the widget plugin is based on his work, but for whatever reason, the new plugin wasn’t backported to hemingway.

    so kyle’s hard work and inventiveness gets him dumped on. same with most of the other themes in that thread.



    @sunburntkamel – Thanks for the information and I can see can certainly see your point now that you have given us the dtails on the heminway theme. How unfortunate. I’m thinking that maybe we should do something to assuage the feelings of the designer in question but I’m not sure how to go about that. It sucks that he is not responsible for the “incompleteness” and even designed the widget plug-in that wasn’t back ported.


    sorry, i forget that not everyone reads development blogs:
    (remember, i have a twisted idea of fun)

    anyhue, any reasonable theme designer wouldn’t get worked up about it since there’s f*** all they can do about it. so i suspect the door slamming shut has more to do with the suggestion that the playground matt’s so generously given us might possibly be flawed.



    You know, I’d completely forgotten that widgets were inspired by Hemingway, the same way that the whole theme system evolved from Kubrick. I was assuming Automattic came up with it all by themselves. Silly me.

    Anyway — ten to one that thread was locked by Matt. Another moderator would explain that the thread is being locked and why they’re locking it.

    (Watch this one disappear into the ether now… whooosh…)



    well, i certainly didn’t mean to diss theme designers or meant any harm, as sunburnt said it’s just a sister thread to the best theme. i’m not particularly bothered it was closed as it had a pretty good discussion and is within the scope of blogging issues (which is why it still remains in the forum archive, isn’t it or else it would’ve just been deleted), but the person who closed it should have mentioned why before he close it.

    so wordpress forums is a bit like malaysia in that sense – restricted freedom of speech.

    if they’re going to close this one too, pls explain why!

    wank, are you sure you’re a girl? i just can’t fathom someone female with this username and speaks techie like a guy… it’s amazing.



    Wank’s a GIRL?!?!?

    Oh, wait. I knew that one. :)

    Gotta agree that we shouldn’t be putting down theme designers. Some of them really do put a whole lot of time in their designs.

    *sigh* Of course then there are others who shove out designs that are broken from the getgo. Pity because they look nice but still. Had a three column design yesterday for my WPMU install that I uploaded where the designer never even wrote the CSS for the left column. *sigh*

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