Why is VideoPress on top of my drop down menu? How can I fix it?

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    I have a VideoPress video embedded via shortcode. When I click my drop down menu, the menu goes beneath the video, so that you cannot see the selections. How do I fix it?
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    It looks perfectly fine to me. Which browser are you using?


    I’ve tested with Chrome, FireFox, and Explorer. It’s all the same. The homepage is a bad sample link – on other pages (behind paywall). When you click a drop down menu, the menu goes behind the video.

    I’ll upload a screenshot somewhere and post it. Thanks for replying!


    I figured out a way to tediously fix it. I do wish VideoPress would address the issue – which turns out to be a layering issue with Flash.

    I put the solution in a blog post so that I could include screenshots…




    Thanks for sharing the work-around. We’re working on an updated version of the plugin that will replace the Flash player with an HTML5 player (whenever possible) and that should resolve the situation.



    VideoPress uses the direct window mode of Flash when available to separate tasks to be completed by the Flash player. Video decoding and compositing can be handled by specialized hardware such as the GPU, improving playback performance and reducing CPU and memory resources needed from your video viewers.

    The direct window mode results in the plugin window floating above the browser context.

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