Why is WordPress better than Blogger?

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    After creating a blog to go alongside our company website I started see articles that WordPress was better than Blogger. So I decided to create a WordPress account. I have played around with importing post, OPML links and choosing different themes.

    So far it would be ok for someone that is creating a first time blog. However if you want to do any real customizing you have to upgrade to a paid version. Note that the company I work for will not pay for a blog. It took some convincing to get the to place a link form the company site to the blog which I will be taking care of from now on.

    So my question goes back to why is WordPress better than Blogger when I can make any number of changes I need on Blogger. If someone can show me something I missed in the testing phase please feel free to speak up.



    I like WordPress over Blogger because WordPress has Pages. Does Blogger have such a feature?



    Depends on your goals. What are they?

    For me, it’s the Google Juice and the stability. My friend’s blog went down because she got 3000 hits in one day; we have blogs here that get three million and don’t go down. And I’m #1 in Google for any number of subjects I’ve blogged on; I’ve won money from developers of rival platforms because of how fast I can get to the front page of Google.

    I also find WordPress to be much easier to use.

    Advertising? On a corporate blog? I wouldn’t advise it: why invite people into your place of business and then encourage them to shop somewhere else? Besides, it looks a bit desperate on a corporate blog.

    With five pages of themes unless you’re going for novelty value itself, a custom header should provide sufficient customization with a very low barrier to entry.


    Post scheduling.

    Maybe it’s changed now, but that was the deciding factor when I signed up.



    If you mean separate pages for each post then yes it does. You can even customize the code so that only part of the post appears on the main page. Clicking on the article takes you to the full page containing that post.



    No, that’s not what he means. Check this out:


    WP.com blogs with pages as well as posts can function as whole websites.



    And you can do that truncation in WP.com quite easily; it’s the icon with the dotted line, #13. Or the More tag if you use HTML.




    There will not be any type of money making buttons or widgets on the blog. It’s informational only so money making is not in the picture.

    There isn’t any advertising as well but it wouldn’t hurt since we don’t sell a product that has internet competition.

    While there are some nice themes that could be used the fact remains that very little customizing is allowed without upgrading.


    You can now post schedule. I already have post ready up to April of 2009 on the blogger site.




    OK I see what he was saying about pages now and we would not need that type of function.

    Unlike a lot of blog out there ours will only have possibly 20 post at any given time on the main page.

    Once the post are past their date they will be moved or removed.



    You don’t need a silly Google account just to blog. As far as I know, WordPress is its own, independent entity dedicated to its bloggers with a phenomenal community of support.



    IMHO One of the main factors that WordPress is be the Blogger is because
    WordPress has great support VS Blogger support isn’t that great.. :)



    Oops here is what I meant to say

    Typo correction

    IMHO One of the main factors that WordPress is better then Blogger is
    because WordPress has great support VS Blogger support isn’t that great.. :)




    I know I don’t need a Google account to blog, it was just readily available :) .

    As far as support I haven’t utilized it on either site so I can’t say which one is better.

    BTW I want to say thanks to everyone for such a quick response.

    So I guess since the company won’t be paying for upgrades I’ll have to stick with blogger for now.



    Yep, we do actually answer Support and quickly too.
    Send one to Blogger and one to us – we’ll win by .. days probably :)



    Yeah, blogger doesnt have pages which is a big thing for me. Also, CSS customization is only $15 a year. WordPress seems more professional then blogger. Also, blogger doesn’t give you stat information the last time I checked. And, at wordpress theres a sense of community with blogs of the day and stuff like that. You also get more hits from your blog appearing in search engines. I have a blogger…blog and its only used as a aggregate site to my wordpress blog. I wouldnt use blogger to host my main blog.
    Plus wordpress has better templates and more options. Blogger is for beginners WordPress is for the savvy people who want cool blogs. So stay with wordpress and you will automatically be cool. :-)



    yep I sent a e-mail to support before at around 4pm on a friday. to my surprise I got an e-mail in like an hour. Sent one to blogger took a day.




    Well as stated before the company will not be putting out any money for a blog so wordpress customizing is out.

    And getting high on the hit counter or #1 on Google isn’t a big deal for us either.

    While I am sure I could get a better blog out of wordpress it would require revenue and that’s not going not to happen. If I were to create my own personal blog I am sure I would go with WordPress but I’m ont so I have to go with what I can work with.



    Sorry for the typos folks but I am at work dealing with people, checking here and getting text on my phone from my wife :)



    sounds to me your pretty happy out of the gate with Blogger, and had pretty much made up your mind before even posting this. So why not do what most people do…stay with what works until it doesnt and move on then? As long as your blogging your part of the solution, who cares what software you use? Frankly it sounds to me like your the most basic type of blogger out there so i think any service would fit your needs. For such a basic 20 post, ad free blog im not even really sure why you even want to bother with customization beyond a custom picture header anyway.

    If it helps ill give you the cliff notes of how i first came here. I was part of Blogger before Google got a hold of it and i got sick of Googles terrible customer service, and totally unprofessional forums. Further Google takes forever to update its services once they are up and making them money. Beta shouldnt be next to a products name for years, but Googles ok with it. Those things finally pissed me off enough that i was considering a move back to Livejournal, but then i discovered WP. I found the editor to be much more refined, and more “ms word” like. Bloggers interface is so cartoony. Also ive found the spam filters here to be far superior to pretty much anything. Though i didnt use this much the front page of WP with its spotlighted content and “digg” like navigation makes it much easier to find blogs that will interest you and so people can find you blog.

    But really its about what makes you happy and makes your life easier. Like i said if your blogging your part of the solution.



    teck07 said:

    WordPress is “be the Blogger”

    (quotes added by me)

    Dibs on the t-shirt/messenger bag franchise! ;)

    In the span of 7 years I’ve had self-hosted WP and tried several different free services including Blogger, LiveJournal, Vox and WordPress.com. Honestly, so far WordPress.com has beat them all because of two important points – support and the user-to-user forum.

    Seriously, though, WordPress.com in my opinion can be a bit daunting for anyone who is completely uninitiated but decided this morning that they just have to have a blog and dives right in without any background reading or research, ie the FAQs or forums. As an aside, my daughter brought me a copy of “WordPress for Dummies” and it was a pleasant surprise to see three or so chapters devoted to COM. Most of that information is available in the existing WordPress.com FAQs, but *kof* is a little more accessible. Hopefully, the FAQs are being updated along with the rest of COM. :)

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