Why is WordPress better than Blogger?

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    Compared to WordPress.com, Blogger/Blogspot has an awful commenting system…even with that haloscan plug-in.




    End of conversation :-|



    WP.com can use some improvements in comments section, a ‘notify by email’ feature would be nice (blogger has it). The gravatar made a whole lot of difference in bringing community sense together. Looking forward to more social-networking features soon.

    But WP.com is certainly more professional compared to Blogspot.



    i hve created my own weblog..
    plz see it ..plz tell me d mistakes .. wht i done,,,
    so tht i can develop my self while writing my blog…



    I haven’t had time to compare WordPress and Blogger yet, but I’ve done extensive comparisons between TypePad and WordPress, which are the two systems I use most. What is striking, considering that it is a free service is that WordPress(.com) has so much more functionality than TypePad, which is a paid service. From a cursory look at Blogger I can say WordPress’ functionality beats Blogger too.




    WordPress Has the option for the admin to be notified by email.
    I agree it would be nice for the readers to have the option to
    be notified by email… :)



    Yes, I was specifically talking about the option for readers (thanks, my comment was not clear enough). I think blogspot did well by introducing this option fairly recently, though it may be under used. Perhaps we will see something better when more features from BuddyPress comes along.


    We might see the option for readers to be notified of comments in the next upgrade – at least that is what they are saying about 2.7.



    I’ve used both blogger and wordpress extensively and I cannot think of a single solitary thing you can do on blogger than you can only do on premium wordpress. Blogger is profoundly limited compared to any version of wordpress.

    Bhamparking, are you sure you’re not a mole?



    One thing I didn’t like about blogger was it’s lack of it’s ability
    to create pages your only allowed to make blog posts… & With WordPress
    they give you the option to turn your blog into a website with your blog
    as a sub page….



    I started out with a blogger blog http://www.cashblog-n.com and found blogger to be very easy to use. I added
    Yahoo Bable Fish Translator as well as Feedjit, both of which I would like to add to my WordPress blog
    but you can’t.
    I have a lot to learn about Worpress and will concentrate on that blog because it’s more accepted.
    I also plan on switching over to a hosted blog with which I can add or do anything I want(I think?)
    Anyway blogging in general is way cool not static like a regular web site is.
    I guess if you’re just stating out Blogger is easier, but if your serious about it(I am)then you should use a hosted WordPress blog.



    I also looked for some sort of on click translation service for the readers, but eventually came up with something of my own using Pipes and Google. Take a look at my site, you’ll see a text widget on the right if you scroll down a little.




    Nice I like that translation work around… :)

    Great idea, You should write a tutorial post
    for other WordPress members on how to achieve
    that great work around… :)



    Yes, a lot of people would want to see that.



    I’m also interested ismailimail, please do a post. I think a translator could really help increase traffic to your blog! Plus I just like to make my blog as user friendly as possible.



    Thanks for the compliment. It is actually very simple. The site translation is just a Google Translation link over the flag icon. The feed translation is through Yahoo Pipe’s translation service. I combined two of my blogs plus the comment and plugged it into Pipe’s Loop-Translate module. You can take a look: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/person.info?eyuid=ZCvwYmg6u2743OPphOGME2dYcA– Then I grabbed the Pipe’s output feed and plugged it over RSS icon, all in a text widget.

    I can tell you though that providing translation does work as I have seen my readership grow with more diversity.



    It looks like we, here at wordpress.com, in our comfortable community, need a place to just shoot the breeze. I’m sure the original question-poster of this thread is long gone…days ago.



    Yes, but the question comes up once a month or so. If people post to it, it’s just theoretically possible that the search function could find it again. Not likely, given the functionality of the Search, but possible.



    @rgkillam-have you visited the off-topic forum? Its threads never make it to the front page of the support forum.

    @ismailimail-totally brilliant! This is exactly what is so fantastic about the support forum.



    WordPress –
    Support excellent – I posted an enquiry and got a response within 10 minutes.
    Language support -I need to be able to compose the blog in English and release it in German – WP brilliant !!

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