Why is WordPress blocking comments unless registered with a WordPress blog?

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    I am getting complaints from readers who cannot comment on my posts unless they are registered WordPress users. This is happening both to new readers and to those who have commented on my blog before (and are therefore approved to comment without moderation.)
    I have read http://en.support.wordpress.com/who-can-comment/ and have checked the discussion settings on my blog: I didn’t enable the setting that requires registration. Somehow, WordPress is over-riding my own settings.
    I have heard other WP blogging friends complaining about this but I can’t remember which blogs were having the same problem. Can you help please?
    Blog url: http://anzlitlovers.wordpress.com/



    If the reader are seeing that, they’re already registered with WordPress.

    If a user attempts to comment with an email address belonging to a WordPress.com account, we require them to log in first. That’s the only change we made.

    If they comment with an email address no linked to an existing WordPress.com account, they shouldn’t be required to log in.

    If folks don’t remember their log in details, they can use the Forgot Password link at http://wordpress.com/



    Hi MacManx, thanks for getting onto this so quickly.

    I passed your response onto one of the people who had complained about it, and – he’s not happy. He had set up a WP account but then decided to stick with his current blog host. So this is very annoying for him, people get sick of having to remember multiple passwords and/or go through the rigmarole for ‘forgot my password’.’
    This is what he says:
    “But the problem still persists. I’ve tried changing my wordpress e-mail address, purging the account, etc, but it still won’t let me comment on your blog without logging into wordpress. Very frustrating”.

    Why make the change anyway? What is the reason?



    He’s probably using the wrong account, as in the email address may belong to a second account.

    If you ask him to contact us, we should be able to track that down for him.

    Also, here are a few more details: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/you-must-be-logged-in-to-comment/page/11?replies=327#post-852388

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