Why Is WordPress so Slow for over a Month?

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    @bcphotoadventures do you know how to do a traceroute from your computer to s2.wordpress.com? If so please send the results to support (or you can post it here if you don’t mind that info being public).



    @bcphotoadventures two things to try:

    1. In Firefox Tools / Extensions (or Add Ons) – if Google Gears is present, disable it.

    2. In the URL bar, type about:config and scroll down to the items starting with ‘browser.cache’. If any of those items are shown in bold, right-click it and choose Reset.



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    I am very computer conversant, and while I don’t know how to do a traceroute, I can’t believe it’s rocket science if I’m just given directions.

    Google Gears is not part of my Add Ons; I checked.

    I did the about:config, and there were no browser.cache items in bold.

    Thank you for your trying to help. I’ll wait for the traceroute directions.


    I do not know if I can do this, but I’m having the same problem. Until last year posting and editing posts at WordPress was fast. Nowadays I have to wait minutes and sometimes does not load the New Post page at all and I have to cancel it. Once in a while I click on New Post and it goes as fast as before. I guessed was because users traffic , but I did try on all times and the same thing happend.

    I’m doing what tellyworth said and give it a try. If I can do that traceroute thing , can I post the result here ? Or do I have to open a new Threat to do so ?

    Thank you.


    I still have not received instructions regarding a trace route. If anything, WordPress is slower than ever when I go to edit pages. I’m at BCphotoadventures.wordpress.com.


    When I did a short edit on an already-published blog, it took over 60 seconds for the Update button to react, and 1:22 seconds before it completed its update.

    With the Edit button, it took 2 clicks and 58 seconds before it even reacted. There were things like pixel.quantserve.com, maps.google.com, maps.gstatic.com, etc., and other items that don’t seem to have anything to do with the blog being read/loaded. It took another 2:02 seconds until is said “Done” in the lower right of the status bar, but I could not actually access the post to edit it until 2:37 seconds had passed.

    Even though “Done” is noted in the status bar, wordpress hangs up Firefox for well over 60 seconds.

    I finally did a test of exactly how long it took to do a very quick, cut-and-paste edit, and from beginning to end, including making sure it published properly, it took over 6 minutes.

    As noted above, I clean out my cache regularly (several times a day), and this is the only website with which I am having speed/slug issues. Others have also noted that it never used to be this way, but last November, when the “new and improved” WordPress came out, it did something dreadful to the speed.

    Any help you can give would be ever so much appreciated. It was a little teeny better for a while after the last round of exchanges, but it has reverted and apparently gotten worse.

    Many thanks, I hope



    @bcphotoadventures thanks for the followup. A traceroute probably won’t help, given what you’re describing. (What would help, if you’re able, is to install Firebug and use the network monitoring feature to see exactly which items are the slow ones).

    When you say “it took over 60 seconds for the Update button to react”, do you mean it took 60 seconds before the Update button was available, or 60 seconds after you clicked on it?


    60 seconds after it was available. Meanwhile, I’ll find Firebug and do as you suggest, then report back. Six minutes per quick update is a tad slow for my taste, as you might imagine.

    Take care,



    bcphotoadventures’ have a very well designed blog. Would have thought such designs were self hosted…



    this problem may be because of MTU dropping on your machine.

    When we transfer data on internet we send it around in packets. MTU determines size of such packets. s2.wordpress.com and other hosting providers have large MTU. When receiving packets from these sites your machine tries to chop the packet up in smaller packets, or just drops the packet.

    read in detail here


    follow this discussion



    I have notised that IE8 started to open my blog and my dashboard in compatibility mode about a month ago. After a Microsoft update. Sometimes this happens in the middle of everything. I too have an issue with slow posting. I hit the update or the publish button and wait much loger than usual for the site to get ready for further writings.


    It actually helps to run IE8 in compaibility mode…


    @ Telly Worth

    I could not figure out how to do a running log, so I did a series that may identify the problem. The link to the screen shots are at http://www.bcphotoadventures.com/WordPress.php This was done several days ago. Again, this was not an issue before the redesign of last November.

    Many thanks for your input and suggestions.

    Take care,




    @bcphotoadventures thanks, that is very helpful.



    Hi all:

    I have read through these post eagerly! I have just started using word-press and I am surprised at how slow the site is when I am uploading posts and images. I have wait times of over a minute at times for saving a post as a draft, publishing a post and even previewing it.

    Uploading an image can take up to 1 minute for the interface to provide me with the upload screen once I have clicked the ‘upload an image’ button.

    When undertaking these actions, my Mac is running hot! I can hear the fan starting up and the CPU activity and processing requirements for my browser go through the roof!!

    I am running a Mac Book Pro with Chrome.

    This certainly does not feel right. Can anyone help out – I am sure I have not provided all the information needed – happy to!!!



    Could be slow if you use Firefox. Ever since I downloaded the newest version some time ago, it’s been slow a lot and many pages never loading. Many people say using Chrome works faster for them.



    Are you using the Beta version of Chrome? Also have you tried using Firefox?

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