Why is WordPress.com DOMAIN support Service SO ATROCIOUS?!

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    WordPress.com knocked my site offline and is now parking my domain earning income off my traffic while not allowing me access to my domain while simultaneously ignoring my emails. Is anyone else having NIGHTMARE SCENARIOS WITH WORPDRESS.com REGISTERED DOMAINS once they make the change to WordPress.org or anywhere else for that matter. http://www.ThingsToDoInPortland.net is the domain and WordPress.com won’t correct the A-Record to point to my new Host GoDaddy. I have even had to go so far as threaten an ICANN complaint. Not that, that would help but running out of option since this company seems like they are trying to force me into buying a guided transfer by refusing to answer emails and effectively blocking me out of updating the Arecord on my own. Any and all help would be appreciated from other w…..com users.

    The blog I need help with is thingstodoinportland.net.



    In case WordPress.com is reading there own forum, as the past 30 or so emails have asked….PLEASE CHANGE THE ARECORD TO – You’ve blocked my access! THANKS!



    Actually, you’ve only sent us 12 emails, and we’ve replied to all of them. Here is the text of the most recent reply:

    Hi Ron,

    Naoko sent a reply about your domain last night (2011-12-27) a little after 11:15pm PST. Reading your emails to us, it doesn’t look like you’ve seen our reply yet.

    Can you check your junk/spam folder for an email from support@wordpress.com?

    If it’s not there, here’s what Naoko said you’ll need to do:


    At least 2 name servers are required in order to point the domain to another host.
    Please obtain the correct name server information from your new host and follow the instruction here.

    If you’re trying to set the A record to that IP, please try these steps:

    1. First, log into your Domain Manager by following the instruction of the “Domain Manager Login” section here:

    2. Once you’re logged in, click on the domain name you want to edit.

    3. Under Nameservers, click on “Set Nameservers”.

    4. In the pop-up window, select “I have specific nameservers for my domains”.

    5. Replace any name servers listed with the following:


    6. Click on OK to save, wait a few minutes for the settings to go through, and then refresh the page.

    7. When the nameservers change, you’ll see some information under DNS Manager, and a link that says “Launch” – click that link to edit your DNS records.

    8. The A record of your domain should be listed as the first record on the list. In the Actions columns on the left, click on the pencil/notepad icon to edit the record (make sure you click on the icon for the same line that the A record is on).

    9. Finally, use the information provided to your by your new host to fill out the “Host Name” and “Points To IP Address”. The field labeled “TTL” should stay in the default “1 Hour” value. Click on OK to save the new record.

    That’s it – your new A record should go live after a short delay.


    I also had my domain registration cancelled without (as far as I know) any notice or warning that I needed to renew. Now my problem is I cannot reach anyone at WP to tell me How to renew.



    Domain mapping upgrades are not cancelled without (1) the purchaser requesting that cancellation by Staff or (2) if the purchaser cancels automatic renewal at any time prior to your renewal date, or (3) if the purchaser ignores the dashboard notices we get informing us of the renewal dates and allow our domain mapping upgrades to expire.

    Your upgrade subscription will automatically renew every 12 months from the date of your original purchase. WordPress.com will attempt to charge the credit card you used to make your initial upgrade purchase. However, you can cancel automatic renewal at any time prior to your renewal date by visiting the Upgrades section of your blog’s Dashboard and clicking Disable Auto-Renew next to the upgrade.

    Also note that WordPress.com will notify you three times by email prior to renewing a non-domain upgrade. We’ll notify you 90 days and 60 days prior to renewing a domain on your behalf, and attempt to renew the domain 30 days prior to expiration.

    Once a Domain registration expires it goes into Redemption and will cost more than normal to renew. Please contact Staff via support@wordpress.com about this.



    It looks like your domain expired a day or three ago – that should be in the grace only in a bit of trouble period if I remember correctly – you should be able to fix it yourself

    Try Dashboard >> Store >> Domain – or Dashboard >> Domain

    Sorry can’t be more specific as my domains are registered not at WordPress.COM.

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