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Why is now one of my blogs

  1. Same problem here - listed as one of my blogs. Have tried clearing cache & rebooting browser, but no luck.

  2. emilydreams, you should be all fixed up now, but you may need to clear your browser's cache.

  3. Thanks very much! :)

  4. This morning I was viewing the wordpress blog "kerrycooks" and it showed up on my blogs menu. It cleared itself when I selected "Dashboard", and it took me to my own dashboard.

    I just tried to duplicated it and it didn't happen the second time around. It sure looks odd, but hasn't had any bad effect - like if I could see or edit this lady's fine blog.

  5. Yeah, you definitely won't have access to the other blog, it just somehow appears for some crazy reason.

    We have it fixed for the most part, and usually all it requires is a clean browser cache, but there are some lingering affected users.

    Is your case all cleared up?

  6. Fixed! Thank you :)

  7. I am having the same problem, tried hiding it under Manage blogs to no avail,looks like this is the place to be, look forward to having it rectified, thanks guys!

  8. christopherewarfield

    All fixed, thanks!

  9. I'm having this problem as well. I've tried clearing my cookies and cache, but no luck so far! Good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this, though - I was pretty confused there for a minute...

  10. christopherewarfield, you're welcome!

    expatriategamer and kippelina, you're all set now.

  11. averageinsuburbia

    I also haven't had success with clearing cookies, cache and rebooting. Is there some sort of delay?


  12. Thank you MacManX!

  13. It happened again. I have a blog titled A 19 Planets Art Blog under my blogs. I should only have My primary blog which is Can you fix that again and remove the A 19 Planets blog? Am I doing something wrong that is causing this?

  14. averageinsuburbia, all fixed.

    kippelina, you're welcome!

  15. lesliepaints, don't worry, it's not you.

    You're all fixed up now.

  16. Thank you!!!! You Rock!

  17. You're welcome!

  18. Do we know when the stats will be available again? Mine are zero'd out today. (5/6/11)

  19. texasjune, you haven't had any visitors yet today.

    In the future, please start your own thread instead of posting in an unrelated thread.

  20. I'm sorry, new and dumb - but trying.

  21. Fantastic, really appreciate the quick response and attention to this, I'm all fixed


  22. almostveggirlie

    I'm having the same problem--a blog called "becomingbryana" is now listed under my blogs even though I only have one blog. I read this other blog but don't follow it.

  23. macmanx - yes the original was cleared up fine, and the second instance cleared itself as I said. Thanks for the help!

  24. chriszombieking

    same issue. cleared cookies/etc. waited a while but still seems to be there. the culprit is ""

    decent lil' blog tbh, but its not mine so thought best that i flag it up! x

  25. Hey macmanx,
    I have the same problem. Can you help me out?

  26. @lalosas: I'll tell you the same thing that macmanx and others repeated throughout this thread: empty your cache memory and cookies.
    If you're still experiencing that issue, please report back.

  27. I already emptied my cache memory and cookies but still have the problem.

  28. hi my blog is but i now also have as one of my blogs in which it isnt. Can it please be removed as it seems its been trouble for many ppl with random blogs popping up, thanks in advance.

  29. You're all sorted now, please try clearing your browser cache:

  30. chriszombieking

    yeah, i figured it wasnt initially a cache issue cos it was happening on different computers, but much obliged for sorting it out

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