Why is WP erasing all the tags / code after saving?

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    I had published a directory of sorts for WP Book blogs here ( http://wp.me/pspxi-6D9 ), and everything was fine, until I edited it just now, and when I saved, all the links/tags/ etc got erased, making the entire post useless. Good think I have a copy, but every time I try to repost them, and save, the whole list gets erased.

    What’s up?

    The blog I need help with is randomizeme.wordpress.com.


    It’s a problem with WordPress right now. Lots of posts here on it, They are aware of the problem.


    There is no need to post in every thread on this issue, eliteblogadmin, staff are aware of it and are working on it.



    Give it a try now. It looks like it is working again. I just did a complex code test in my test blog and everything stayed right where it was supposed to be.



    Thanks! Good thing the WP staff is always on top of things – I got scared there for a while since that was a huge amount of work that suddenly disappeared.


    You’re welcome and yes with them on the job 24 hours a day, they typically get on things like this very quickly.

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