Why is ‘www’ removed from my url???

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    I recently paid 10 credits for wordpress domain mapping. My domain is registered with google. I enabled the Gmail MX through the domain manager in wordpress and now have the following problems:

    I can no longer goto mail.mydomain.com to access my emails, I emailed WP support and they responded by giving me the long url http://www.google.com/a/askabbas.com/mail etc. But I want to be able to use mail.mydomain.com as I did before?

    Secondly, why is ‘www’ cut from my url? It just looks wierd to me and I would rather have it there.

    Is this the best way of doing things? I want my blog hosted by wordpress but I want my own custom domain name. I also want google apps. If someone can help me with my issues or suggest a better way of achieving this I would really appreciate it.


    The blog I need help with is askabbas.com.


    WWW has sort of gone away on the web. It has been losing friends for a number of years and at some point will likely go away altogether.

    From: http://support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/

    Note: You cannot map only the “www” subdomain since we remove the www from all the URLs at wordpress.com.



    that sucks, I kinda like it

    Thanks for the response! and I guess since WP maps my top level domain, I cant really have mail.mydomain.com and will have to use the long url to access me email.



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