Why is your set up site so screwed up?

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    I have been trying to set up a blog on wordpress for the last three weeks and I can’t figure it out.

    Your instructions make no sense to me. They are a dog’s breakfast. You use words or language that are senseless.

    There is nothing that I like about it.

    There is no system and order to it.

    I cannot make head or tail out of it.

    I don’t even like this support forum.

    I do not want to contact the community.

    I want to contact the web masters of “wordpress”.

    I hope this letter some how gets there.

    For one: On your “blog set up site” or “instruction set up site” , it looks like you use the words “edit” and “post” for everything, including writing and publishing.

    Edit means to correct or change something that has been written.

    Post means to: (from the net)

    Display (a notice) in a public place: “the exam results were posted this morning”.

    Send (a letter or parcel) via the postal system: “I’ve just been to post a letter”.

    “Write” or “type” means exactly that, to write or type something.

    There are many other things that are so screwy that they are difficult to explain.

    Are you schitzophrenic or on drugs or something else is wrong?

    Or did you fail English and communication skills in school?

    I am so frustrated, I could spit and swear.

    Your instructions have zero user friendly content.

    They have zero logic to them.

    I do not see any intelligent organized thought that goes into your site. Just a lot of hype and mindless, disorganized chatter.

    It is the opposite of professional. The opposite of intelligent.

    At the least:

    I would like to see a page for beginners, or for dummies, with nothing else but a basic simple template, with simple straight forward instructions.

    With a place to enter data about myself; like “About me”.

    Then a place to enter my introduction as to what subject matter my blog is about.

    Then under my introduction, I want to see places where my readers can write comments and I can also comment with them in an orderly fashion.

    Then I want to see a button to publish it.

    Then a place or button to view it as the public will see it and use it.

    Then what “blog site” or “website address”, I need to use to post on other places on the net where others can see it and click on and write something if they want.

    That is all I can think of to write now.

    If you want more information you can write me at:

    david.pelly at hotmail.ca
    Blog url: http://highthetaorg.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is highthetaorg.wordpress.com.



    So, what’s the question?



    Roughly 800,000 people manage to get through all of that every day, without feeling abused…

    Try this:


    Or you could, you know, hook yourself up to the Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter for an hour or two to make the rage go away..


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    Hello David,

    Please use the link provided by featherseeds: it is a fine tutorial to get you started using WordPress.COM.

    Also note that according to Wikipedia, “post” has quite a few meanings, including

    Post, an entry in a blog or internet forum

    We volunteers in this forum try our best to help folks use the software for this WordPress.COM blogging platform by answering technical questions. Please feel free to post any and all questions you have about this blogging platform.

    One last thing to understand is that there are different kinds of WordPress, distinct and separate from each other. We volunteers help with the free-hosted platform, but if you are reading books or information online then you may be confusing this version of WordPress with the version where folks use wp.ORG software and pay to host their websites.


    The support section here is also very good and had entries for just about everything regarding wordpress.com.


    If you search and cannot find what you are looking for, as Tess says, post your question here and we will either post a link to the appropriate support page for you, and if the answer is a little more involved, we will supplement the link with more information.

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