Why isn’t it possible to manage 2 blogs with the same account?

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    I’d really appreciate it if this is possible. Using Blogger, I could manage multiple blogs with the same account. Why can’t this be done in WordPress?

    It’s really important, because sometimes there’s one category that doesn’t fit with the blog as a whole. It would’ve been better if I could post it in its appropriate blog (or even page) without switching between users everytime (if I signed up for another account).

    Thanks a lot!


    Agreed. This would be an awesome feature. A way that almost works is to assign your other wordpress login administrative rights. This way you are able to interface between the multiple blogs. Not always reliable though.



    I hope this feature comes soon. It does sound handy.



    Let’s wait and see…



    It is possible, (with a little work).

    1. sign up for 2 blogs using 2 accounts
    2. from one of the blog, add the other user (Users > Authors & Users)
    3. set roles as Administrator


    ok, that’s what i had decided to do, once i saw that my second blog was going to be muddled up with my first. can i delete that second blog without deleting the first (both under same username/login?

    right now i have

    1 username with two blogs — horrible!!!!

    and a second username with one blog

    i want to have
    one username one blog
    other username one blog

    but back to my primary question — will i delete both blogs under one username if i try to delete one of them?




    “1. sign up for 2 blogs using 2 accounts”

    You don’t need to do that.

    Once you login into your account, go to wordpress.com. To the right, there’s a box with a message welcoming you:

    Welcome back,
    [your name]

    In this same box there is a list with the blogs you have registered. Then you should see this:

    577,450 blogs on WordPress.com. (the numbers may vary)

    and below that, you should see a link that reads:

    Register another blog ยป

    Click on it and take it from there.




    Don’t delete any of your blogs ’cause you won’t be able to re-register them.

    So, if

    UsernameA has BlogA and BlogB
    and UsernameB has BlogB

    BlogB should have under users 2 admin accounts:


    If you want:

    UsernameA -> BlogA
    UsernameB -> BlogB

    Go to BlogB, click on Users > Authors & Users, check the checkbox next to UsernameA (the user you don’t want to have 2 blogs), then under Update Selected, check the radio button next to Remove checked users., then click on the “Bulk Update” button.

    Hope that helps.



    Thank you, I will give that a try. Removed checked users, then Bulk Update. Let you know how it goes.



    Ok, here’s what I’ve got right now:

    username A has two blogs – blogname1 and blogname2
    username B has one blog – blogname3 — new account

    if I delete blogname2 (in username A), will that delete blogname1?

    what i’d like to end up with is

    username A has one blog –
    username B has one blog

    When I tried this last night, I was logged in as usernameA blogname 2, but the profile kept returning to usernameA blogname 1, which I very explicitly do not wish to delete.


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