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why isn't my blogroll showing up?

  1. i've read the widget and blogroll support pages and have followed them but when i add a link to the side bar nothing is showing up when i go to my page. i'm trying to add my bandcamp page to the side bar and i've made a link, set a category and dragged links to the side bar but still nothing shows
    Blog url:

  2. I think you've got single column selected. If you go to your dashboard, click on appearance, then go to the theme options, you should have options to set a side panel.

  3. thanks i checked it out and i have it set to content on left. although it looks like no sidebar when i put in the url.

  4. I'm going to modlook this for you so someone else can help you with it. In the meantime, try putting some published content in it - a couple of posts and see how it looks then.

  5. Your theme only shows the sidebar on the blog's page when you have published posts.

    As you have neither, there is currently no way to see the sidebar on your site.

  6. There is no sidebar on single posts in the Twenty Eleven theme.

  7. thank you guys

  8. You're welcome. Note that on the footer of your blog there is the titles of the theme you use and if you click the theme name it's linked to the theme description.

  9. You're welcome!

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