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Why isn't my goodreads widget showing my "to read" list of books?

  1. My goodreads widget is not working. I've pasted in my numeric code, added a dozen books on the goodreads site, logged in AND out of both wordpress and goodreads multiple times, and the goodreads widget on my blog is STILL saying that there are "no books on this shelf yet." Why???
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  2. Have you checked out this support entry? You’ll need to save your GoodReads ID and specify which shelf the widget should display. At the moment, we allow you to display one of the default shelves GoodReads provides, “Read,” “Currently Reading,” or “To-Read.”

  3. Yes, this is exactly the page I used and I followed all the instructions. I chose the shelf and used my goodreads ID. I then logged in and out of goodreads and wordpress multiple times plus I refreshed the pages in order to try to get my goodreads books (12 of them to date) to show up in the goodreads widget on my site. Nothing has worked.

  4. I don't know if this is an issue at this end or at the GoodReads end of things. Have you tried asking at the GoodReads help forum?

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