Why isn't my new page showing up on my site?

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    Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve added a new page and either something has changed since I last did this or I’ve forgotten to do something.
    Under my cathyscholl.com page I created a new page.
    I put it under the parent GALLERIES and did the rest of what I usually do…assign an order (0) remove comments, and PUBLISH.
    The page shows up as published in the location where I want it on my DASHBOARD but it doesn’t actually appear on the SITE.

    What am I doing wrong or forgetting to do?

    Once I get it to show up I then need to go to my cathyscholl.wordpress blog which is linked to the same tabs and create a “blank” tab but I would like to first get the page to show up on the cathyscholl.com site

    Hope this makes sense! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is cathyscholl.com.



    NEVERMIND…I got it!

    I had later created a custom menu so I needed to add the page to my custom menu.

    Okay, thanks!

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