Why is my redirection cancellation not working?

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    I payed for my old blog (khalidmarzook.wordpress.com) to be redirected to my new WP-site (http://www.blogophobic.com/). It’s all good so far.

    Then I cancelled the re-direction. I changed my mind. I missed my old blog and wanted to get it back.
    But it still re-directs me to the new blog, even though it should’ve been cancelled by now.

    Gracias in advance!
    Blog url: http://khalidmarzook.wordpress.com/


    http://khalidmarzook.wordpress.com/ opens normally for me (no redirection). This can be due to the fact that changes to nameservers can take a while to propagate to your ISP.


    it’s opening fine in Safari, but not Firefox.

    I guess maybe I’ll have to wait.


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