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Why Isn't There A Way To Configure The Photo Gallery To View Full Size Pictures?

  1. Why Isn't There A Way To Configure The Photo Gallery To View Full Size Pictures When The Midget Sized Photo Gallery Pictures Are Clicked On? Am I Really Asking Too Much? I'm Paying For WordPress Domain Hosting, So I'm Not One Of The Whining Free Loaders.

    In order to compensate for this feature oversight, I am having to display two entirely different pages on the blog ==> One fast loading photo gallery page, and one slower loading full sized photo page. This is absolutely frickin rediculous that I am having to resort to such measures on the "Enterprise Quality" WordPress Blogging Software. Does anybody here agree with me?

  2. Well, I disagree that people who don't buy upgrades are "whining free loaders."

  3. hehe lol :)

  4. We'll add some better gallery options in future. The gallery is a new feature; we like to start simple and make improvements later once we've seen how it works in practice and what the important things are.

  5. Fair Enough. Thank you for the response. But, seriously, the pictures in the photo gallery are really waaaaaaay toooooo frickin small. It is absolutely rediculous. And to add insult to injury, you can specify [gallery size="full"] which will make all of the pictures overlap the columns on the main page, but the pictures in the gallery are still midget sized. ::scratch, scratch:: I'm trying to figure out how that was a good "simple" feature to add, but putting bigger pictures in the actual photo gallery was not?!?!?!? But I understand that this was just an oversight on a new feature. Thank you for the response, and I look forward to seeing improved features in the future! :)

  6. Individual pictures in the gallery are automatically sized to fit your theme. If they were any wider they'd overlap the sidebar (just as they do when you use the size=full option).

  7. Okay, smarty pants. I want you to go to and flip through the pictures in the photo gallery and tell me how anybody is supposed to be able to recognize anybody in the pictures. ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS AN OPTION TO CONFIGURE THE PHOTO GALLERY SO THAT WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE PICTURE IN THE MIDDLE IT DISPLAYS THE FULL SIZE VERSION OF THE PICTURE. Do you still not understand what I'm talking about? Insult my intelligence all you want, but it isn't me that doesn't understand what is going on here, it is obviously you. I'm sorry I'm not being very diplomatic, but I'm a paying customer, and it is the middle of the night, and I shouldn't have to spend time talking to support about an issue that should have already been solved by your high and mighty programmers.

  8. Second of all, I'm using the DEFAULT theme, so if a feature doesn't work correctly with the DEFAULT theme, then that is kind of pathetic.

    Third of all, the photo gallery doesn't work right with any of the other two dozen themes that I tried, so I would like for you to explain to me which them I should be using that would actually accomplish the goal I am trying to reach??????????

  9. Fourth of all, I'm probably a lot smarter than you think I am, so please do your homework before you insult my intelligence with lame comments that don't take into account the full scope of the issue that I have presented here. :) Now that you hate my guts, I'll continue to go around my butt to get to my elbow in reguards to getting the blog to do something close to what I need it to do. ;-)

  10. Hi aaronhh

    I use the chaoticsoul theme and it seems to work fine for my purposes. Have a look to see if it would work for you. Clicking on the gallery thumbnails takes you to a larger image. The larger image size is not huge but it works for me. It should be large enough so that the people in your images are recognizable.

    Now...I am a new member... and apparently I am a "free loader". Please do not be rude to me as there is no reason to be. I understand your frustration, but you need not be so hostile.

    My first instinct when I discovered wordpress was to pay for my own site right away. But I decided to make sure that it provided all I needed first. Did you give it a test drive before paying?

    Have a look at how I use the chaotic template to see if it would be useful to you. If it is not, maybe others can make suggestions.

  11. I do realize that I could use HTML and lots of wordpress pages to construct my own photo gallery with "full" sized pictures and "previous" and "next" html links above each picture, but that would be a pain in the butt to create, and to update, so I am not looking forward to implementing that option any time soon. Especially when there is an existing wordpress photo gallery feature that could be updated to include full sized pictures a lot more easily than creating my own make shift photo gallery from scratch. What would be really awesome is if I could just throw all of these pictures into an automated Photoshop photo gallery, but that would require use of an additional domain name, and it would be beyond the scope of this current volunteer project that I am working on. Yes, believe it or not, a pain in the butt type of guy like myself is actually nice enough to volunteer his time to work on a wordpress blog project for a friend. ;-)

  12. Thank you lmsolonynko for the suggestion! :) You are definitely not a free loader from my perspective. Free loaders do not take time to offer helpful suggestions to other members. Nothing wrong with kicking the tires for a while before taking out a second mortgage for the domain hosting fee. ;-) I was being rude to tellyworth because I have not taken my Zoloft for 5 days, ( LOL ), and also because tellyworth was claiming to represent wordpress, and I did not think tellyworth was doing a good job of representing wordpress. Whatever in the world is a wordpress key master, anyway? Is a key master a wordpress employee whose job is to offer condescending observations without researching the entire issue? LOL :-) I guess I should probably end my Zoloft vacation before I get myself into too much trouble, huh? hehe ;-)

  13. Attention keymasters ==> lmsolonynko's blog is an excellent example of what I'm talking about. This is exactly the problem that I encountered on every single theme that I tried other than the default theme. If you notice there are not any "previous" or "next" pictures to click on, like you see in . Also, lmsolonynko's blog shows that tellyworth's logic is faulty because the pictures in lmsolonynko's photo gallery are not big enough to fill the size of the theme, despite the fact that there are not "previous" and "next" link pictures taking up space in lmsolonynko's photo gallery. Hopefully all of my time invested explaining this has allowed all of the WordPress KeyMasters to understand what the problem is, and to understand that it would be very easy and simple for the WordPress Programmers to fix the problem. Thank you for your time. And sorry for my hostile comments in previous posts. I guess this is why my doctor told me to take my Zoloft before I try to communicate with other people. hehe LOL :-)

  14. FYI ==> Domain hosting is only $20 bucks a year, so reguardless of the minor, few problems, it is a killer deal to get the functionality of a professional looking website for $20 dollars a year! All with the ease of implementation of a WordPress blog where almost all of the web design work has already been done for you. You just can't beat that for $20 bucks a year, even if WordPress had ten times more problems. So all of you members who are kicking the tires, you can still kick the tires and be a pain in the butt like me, after you pay $20 dollars a year for a professional looking website that has the functionality of a WordPress Blog!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  15. Um, @tellyworth
    My theme is 500px wide and my picture is 429px and it was still resized to 300px :(
    (see it here )
    Explain that? :(

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