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Why isn't there any print style sheet? ? ?

  1. mobilelibraryinacan

    Why isn't there any print style sheet? ? ?
    Then I buy the custom format and it says right in the CSS instructions I CAN'T USE @MEDIA TAGS TO MAKE MY OWN.

    Print style sheet should be in every blog it is not an optional kind of thing.

    And what am I paying extra for if the the only formatting I can do is borders and colors?
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  2. If you need a print stylesheet we have a few themes that come with them - Twenty Eleven, Coraline, and Twenty Ten.

  3. mobilelibraryinacan

    I am using toolbox and I do really need one.
    Something as simple as this would be enough in the media print.
    #content {display:block;width:100%;}
    #main .widget-area { display:block;width:100%;}

  4. You can override your default style sheets with the Custom Design upgrade, but I don't believe that even then you can override the print stylesheet. As coffeemanmatt suggests, if you desire this feature on a blog, you'll need to use one of the themes he links to.

  5. mobilelibraryinacan

    It turns out if you can edit the CSS you can add the "@media print" directive. I thought it said you can't but I have it working nicely now.
    I must have misunderstood the CSS instructions.
    Sorry all,

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