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Why labeling a post as "super-awesome" is not always saved?

  1. I don't use the qualification "super-awesome" very often, only when I feel it is justified, but whenever I use it, I notice that it often doesn't "stick" - once I label the post as "super-awesome" and save it, if I edit it again it may or may not stay as such.

    Am I using it incorrectly, or is it supposed to be like that?

    Thank you...
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  2. Are you referring to the 'sticky post' feature? Can you give me a specific post?

  3. No, it's not the "sticky post" feature. It is something that shows up only when I am composing a post, in the editor screen

    Right below the "Publish" button, there's an option to mark it as "this post is super-awesome"

    I am not sure it makes any difference whatsoever in the final "product" ;-)

    Just curious why it doesn't always stay labeled as such if I go back and edit it before publishing

  4. Oh, I am a Class A moron today. :)

    You have the 'surprise me' option enabled on your Personal Settings page - this is a part of the surprise. ;)

  5. Ah... funny funny funny...

    so it took me about 1 year to finally understand I have nothing to worry about!


    Thanks, "problem" solved!

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