why my blog colour changed despite it is rightly chosen in the menu?

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    The blog apparence colour of my blog was red. It comes as an option in the theme I applied but now (despite it appears clearly chosen as red in the option menu) the colour has changed to green and it is impossible to modify it due to the red option is activated but not work.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer

    The blog I need help with is losremuertos.wordpress.com.



    Hi there – I’m not sure why that option isn’t currently working. I’m checking with our developers. But some additional options have been added to the Customizer. If you go to Appearance->Customizer and click the Colors tab, you can use any of the color palettes pictured there and save them.

    I chose the red one so you can see how you like it. :)

    Let me know if you have further questions!


    We are working on an update for colors so we can add free color palettes for our themes in the future. Only a few themes have them so far, but we made an update to the colors panel so everyone can see the tool and access the free palettes if they’ve been added to your theme. The Writr theme is one that comes with free palettes!

    So what is happening is that the ones in the Appearance > Customize > Colors panel are overriding the ones in the theme options panel. For now, you should use the colors panel like @eurello mentioned and we may remove the other color scheme option since it’s a duplicate and seems to be causing interference.

    Sorry for the trouble! Please let me know if you need any other colors help at all.

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