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why my blog is still found in search engine?

  1. i had unchecked that option and still found my blog when i search for my name. no problem for google but yahoo! search engine found my blog. pls help me.

  2. Your page is definitely marked "noindex:nofollow" to block out search bots. And you're right, it's not on Google at all, but it is on Yahoo. However, the Yahoo cache of it is from April 19th. Perhaps you didn't have the proper options checked then.

  3. I had choose to be in 'stealth mode' since it was introduced to WP. It was few months ago. I dont know. I really really dont want my blog to be listed

  4. A quick look at Yahoo shows no contact information about getting something removed. Not sure why Yahoo still has it in their cache though either. MSN has it as well. It has a newer date but fails when you try to pull the cache up. Not sure why there isn't a NOCACHE tag on there. I could have sworn that it was seperate.

    Feedback sent.

  5. Beyond the noindex/nofollow meta in your HTML, there is nothing else we can do. If you are not satisfied with a search engine's exclusion performance, you should contact them. We cannot do that for you.

  6. drmike: the NOARCHIVE value only prevents the caching of indexed pages. Therefore NOINDEX supercedes NOARCHIVE.

    See Google's documentation.

  7. I beleive generating an apropriate is far more reliable approach to prevent bots from blog crawling.

    they can handle those meta tags only after page has been fetched and that means it is already stored in their archive/cache whatever.

  8. Also since Google follows it's own rules and uses its own meta tags...

  9. I do agree with the theme of this thread; I am definitely happy with registering to take part in the Akismet service, but am not interested in a weblog hosted under the domain. However, my username will still become part of a searchable archive of empty weblogs.

    As soon as I registered (so as to obtain a key), I began searching the FAQ and forums for a way to "turn off" my new, soon to be completely unused, weblog. It might be something for y'all to think about in the future. I read about and understand concerns of deleteing names (which is not what I'm proposing), but certainly having the ability to say "No, I'd just like to help identify spam, and have it identified for me" would be useful, if possible.


  10. You can request for yahoo to remove the site from the listings here

    i belive that is the URL but if not you can search for "How to remove site from yahoo listings" on google or yahoo (Yahoo would have the better results ;)

  11. Mark, that's Yahoo Directory which is not the Yahoo search engine. Completely seperate. It was their answer to DMOZ and for the critics who complained when they moved from their original directory to more of a search engine which they have now. I gave the link to where Yahoo discusses removing pages from its search engine a few posts above.

    jadudm, we already have this feature to keep it from being searchable. Dashboard -> Options -> General -> Uncheck the box labeled "Search Engines." I for one would like to see Akismet registration completely seperate as well.

  12. Why is my blog not found in any search engines?

  13. MSN and Yahoo say differently. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks for a site to show completely within all of the search engines.

  14. Thank you Dr Mike

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