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Why my comment go into spam aksimet

  1. I just answer comment with some links, but my comments go into spam aksimet on my blog. Why?

  2. If there are more than two links added, WordPress thinks it's spam and it gets sent there.

  3. But i ever sent comment without link or a link on my blog, it go into spam aksimet too.

  4. Once you've been put into the spam category, it takes several un-spammings to teach Akismet that you're not spam. All you have to do is hit "Not Spam" on each of your comments and in a couple of days Akismet will learn.

  5. We need to see your comment to help. Right now we're just guessing. :)

    Mark kas asked us to send in comments that are getting incorrectly tagged as spam in via an email to support at this domain. Please send in a copy of your comment, where specifically it was placed, and your IP address. (Which was 219.83.116.* when you made your posts)

    Hope this helps,

  6. I don't like that Aksimet decides what is spam and what is not - without asking me first - som now 12 comments are deleted - and I haven't seen them.
    I saw 2 of them and I've rescued them because they where not spam.

    I am not pleased with Aksimet.
    And I also suppose it is an anglosaxian product - so words that means something in Swedish means something else in English - witch Aksimet off course have to delete.
    The word "end" or "finnished" or "out of order" in English is "slut" in Swedish - if you would like to say: "It's out of order" in Swedish - you would say: "Det är slut".

    How can I see the comments that Aksimet deleted from my blog?

  7. They may show up after a day or two. I had that happen on one of my blogs.

    If they do show up, unspam them and send the comments into feedback as Mark has asked.

  8. How can I see the comments that Aksimet deleted from my blog?

    They don't actually delete them from your blog. They're held in a queue at Dashboard -> Comments -> Akismet so you can double check them. As katm says, they may take a day or two to show up though.

    You do have your blog set for the swedish language, right?

    You may want to send in a feedback and point this issue out to staff. Be sure to point very specifically to a comment that got held in the queue so they can see what caused the capture. Content isn't the only thing that gets weighed. Other items like the IP address are also in the judgement.

  9. Thank you both for your help.

    How many days will it takes until they show up? Because they haven't shown up in the queue yet.

    And where can I see the html address of a comment?
    The comments that I have seen and rescued came from the same person - same ip address, so obvioulsy my friend has been marked as a spam sender. (Her ip:

    The other "spam-comments" I haven't seen yet - so I don't know anything about them.

    And yes - I have my blog set for the Swedish laguage.

    Thank you again - Lena Kronberg

  10. I think some of mine were missing for 2 days, but it's been a few weeks since I had the problem.

    As drmike said, you'll need to send the IP address of the commenter as well as the URL of the post that the comment was on and which comment it was (as I see your theme doesn't have the ability to link to a specific comment).

    You have a beautiful blog. However, I have a pretty fast connection and it was slow loading for me.

  11. expatriateruminations

    Remember that you can go to Dashboard>Options>Discussion set the minimum number of links within a comment that will send it to the spam list.

    Also remember if you go to Dashboard>Blog Stats there is at the bottom left a link to your spam list where you can go and review those items tagged as spam. I do so once or twice per day and delete the spam, which is deleted automatically after, I think, 15 days.

    I have only once had a legit comment go to spam and it was mine. I don't remember if it included two or more links, which is where I have the spam threshold set.

  12. The number of links would drop it into the moderation queue as well, not label it as spam.

    Although I'm sure a high number of links (ie 20+) is a vote for calling a comment spam.

  13. katm - Thank you.
    It doesn't take so long time for me.
    Maybe it's the pictures that slow it down a littlebit.

    The links have never been the problem.
    I've never filled in any words that is suppose to be spam words - not yet.
    My blogs are still so new. Made them in May - last month.

    And still I cant see what's in the queue - today I think they've been ther for about four days...


    Maybe it was a person who wanted to give me a top job...
    Or a secret fan...


  14. The very few comments that Aksimet let me moderate hasn't until now been real spam - only comments from my friends.
    Especially from meta - who has this ip number

    I have unspammed her everytime of course. It doesn't matter what she writes - Aksimet doesn't trust her.
    Only once - the second or third time that she had wrote a comment she gave me a link - but only one link.
    And I accept 2.

    And still I haven't seen the 12 comments that Aksimet suspect.


  15. The truth is that we volunteers on the forum can do diddly squat to address or correct your problem. You need to send all the information you have in a feedback to staff. Please do that okay?

  16. include links to the specific comments that got marked as spam. without them, staff can do little about the issue.

    For reference, the ip address is not on my own lists for my own servers.

  17. Yesterday morning (06/04/2007) I was able to post comments on WordPress blogs (,,, among others). As of yesterday afternoon I cannot post comments to any. I'm almost positive they're getting sucked into Akismet. The first that failed had a single link to a comment on the exact same page, but I can't see what else may have tripped it.

    Something is horribly, horribly broken with Akismet. On my own WordPress blog I see the number of "caught" spams rise on the blog stats page, but nothing's in the queue for me to look over. I have no idea if some non-spam comments are sitting in the invisible queue log enough to get deleted without my ever getting a chance to check them.

  18. Oh, I almost forget. A few days ago a trackback from a new post on my weblog to an earlier post on the same weblog got marked as spam. Evidently I'm spamming my referring to my own writing, according to Akismet.

  19. All three of my comments on this post got marked as spam and had to be recovered from my spam queue.

    My own comments on my own blog while I'm logged in as a WordPress user. This is ridiculous.

  20. It's common.

    Once Akismet thinks you're spam, it will continue to put all of your comments into spam, as you can see from this thread. The way to get off the spam list, as suggested above, is to repeatedly comment on your own blog and un-spam yourself repeatedly. Once you can comment on your own blog and it goes through immediately, you'll know that Aksimet has marked you as not-spam.

    What makes you think that members are by definition not spammers? Staff has to delete spammers every single day.

    If the comments haven't shown up in your queue, send a feedback to staff to alert them and wait for them to show up.

  21. Any idea how many of these I have to post and unmark before the stupid thing learns? Are all my comments sitting in other users spam queues counting against me?

  22. Fifty. Fifty comments posted by me. Fifty comments marked spam by Akismet. Fifty comments marked not spam by me. And still it does not learn.

    Can someone, anyone, just tell me the address Akismet wants me to send my blood to? That's what they want, right? blood?

  23. drmathochist, please re-read the thread you posted in. All of the information you require is in it; if you want to vent, that's what you have a blog for.

    Teaching Aksimet that you're not spam takes time, processing time. Nobody here knows exactly how long it takes, but it does definitely take more than the two hours you've given it. Sending anything anywhere will not expedite the process, but if it makes you feel better you could send me gin. It won't speed anything up, but it won't hurt either.

    These answers aren't going to change, no matter how loudly the clock ticks or how many comments you post in this thread. They are just as they were several days ago, when they were posted for the first time in this thread.

  24. The way to get off the spam list, as suggested above, is to repeatedly comment on your own blog and un-spam yourself repeatedly.

    Um, rain. That would make it worse, a lot worse. You just told the poster to spam their own blog. Making multiple posts over and over again quickly with no or little content is exactly what most spammers do. That's probably why Akismet caught them in the first place.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff, explaining specificially what is occuring and give them links to the threads on your blog where you've done the damage and politely ask for intervention. Please also include a link to this thread to show why you did so.

    Please do specifically that and include the details.

    Folks, please stop telling people that a few links equals spam. That's not true. The setting says moderation queue.

    I'm almost positive they're getting sucked into Akismet.

    No, you don't know that. Making guesses just makes things worse. You're wearing a hood in your avatar. Please use it. Those blogs could also have their comments set to moderation.

    Your ISP is fairly blackhat. That probably has something to do with it. Do a search for it here in the forums to see all of the threads on the issues users have had to deal with.

    It's common

    No, it's not. If it was, we'd have hundreds of threads on the topic and we don't. We have a couple handful and, from looking at their IP addresses, that's usually the cause. Please stop telling folks that as well. You told somethat last week to someone from an IP address in the middle of Russia that I have in my router's blacklist for continued abuse.

  25. If you have a problem with spam, send in a support.

    Send every last detail - everything you know.

    Do NOT abuse akismet or keep hammering at it.

    Send a support.

  26. atheistperspective

    I have no other comment to make other than I think Askimet is the saviour of blogging. Without it I'm not sure how we could all cope! It's marvelous. I remember when I first started I was all hot and bothered because a comment went into the spam folder and I wondered why Askimet had to decide what was spam for me. Now, with thousands of pieces of spam a week I get it. :) Sorry for the ramble, delete it if you like but my thanks go out to the spam warriors!!!! Thank you.

  27. Yes, Dr. Mike, I do keep saying that it's common. Because it comes up all the time. As you say, there were some people just last week with this issue as well, and it happens to me every two or three months as well. Perhaps we have a difference of perspective, but I keep running across people saying their comments are vanishing into Akismet; if something surfaces in the forum at least once a week you can be sure it's happening to others who aren't posting here. To me, this makes it common.

  28. I'll join atheistperspective when it comes to singing the praises of Akismet.
    It's faithfully catching hundreds of spams directed at my blogs everyday.
    And, over the course of the past year, I've only noted 8 false positives.

    Live Spam Zeitgeist
    1,688,736,350 spams caught so far
    18,287,265 so far today
    95% of all comments are spam

    I don't understand why these folks keep dragging this thread out and adding to it yet again. Bloggers with Akismet issues are wasting their time posting to the forum. Send complete information in like Mark says.

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