Why my image gallery doesn't appear on "Read Blogs" and Tags pages?

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    It took me about 4 hours in order to have my image gallery on the “Read Blogs” or Tags page, have published the same stuff 6 or 7 times, had to recreate the gallery each time, as when I created a new post, and clicked on the add media, it didn’t show me the gallery I had created before.
    The first time I had more than 10 tags on my post, then I understood it shouldn’t, so I reduced it to less tags and updated it, however it didn’t appear on read blogs and tags page, so I tried deleting that post and posting a new one, no effect. Did that several times without any result.
    On my last attempt my post finally appeared there, but without the image gallery (the most important feature of my post)! I’m hopeless!

    The blog I need help with is marysculptor.wordpress.com.



    Please recognize that the flow of traffic from the global tags pages is neglible at best, so investing your time and energy into trying to manipulate image display on the global tags pages is not something I recommend doing. The display of posts under the most popular tags like photography is randomized because there are 31 million blogs with 7 posts per minute being published. Also note that we bloggers have no idea which images will be selected for display there at all.



    I’d like to add that when it comes to delivering traffic to blogs it’s search engine like Google that deliver it. And it’s important to know that categories.tags are not required for SEO purposes. Search spiders are focused on keywords in content. Please click this link, read the post and watch what Matt Cutts of Google has to say in the video > Revisiting keywords and tags



    I have found that my posts’ appearances on the TAG pages are hit or miss. Some days, I get dozens of viewers coming from a Tag page, while other days, my posts don’t even make it onto a single one. Whether it’s due to a logarithm or personal review or a combination of both, I don’t know.

    What I do know is that I need to just keep writing, keep improving my voice and ability to tell a story, and make my posts a place to inform, entertain, and think.

    In other words, Keep Writing.



    Thank you both for replying. Well, the most odd thing, is that my post didn’t appear even on the “Read Blogs” page, the Art section. And when it appeared there (after many attempts) there were no images.
    I’m not a writer, my blog is mainly about my sculptures. I’m not making a statue everyday. I should try a lot to find some extra time to dedicate to sculpting, so when I finish a statue it’s the result of a long time effort. If my work can’t be even displayed at its specific space when I publish it, the chances for my work to be viewed by someone who is interested would be zero!
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll post other things I find interesting, and write more.



    You’re welcome and best wishes for happy sculpting and blogging.

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