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Why my new blog picture and short description is not showing on other sites

  1. Hi,
    I've changed my blog picture and the short description of my blog but, for example, when I paste "" on Facebook, there're still the old ones. I made these changes yesterday.

    Thanks for your time!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Based on some other posts here on the board, it could take a few days for the changes to take effect.

  3. Thanks for the reply! :)

  4. Okay but now I really do not understand. Right now in Google+ and LinkIn the new image and the short description are available and can be seen but in Facebook only the description is showing and the old image. Is this still normal?

  5. Facebook has their own internal cache which we have no control over.

    If the same link is shared, they just pull info from the cache.

    The last time I checked, it seems like it took them a week to flush the cache, but in some cases having someone who is not a friend share the link seemed to refresh the cache. I can't even begin to guess why that worked (it makes no sense), but it did in 4 out of my 5 tests.

  6. macmanx, obviously the same goes for Twitter.
    Up until now only Google+ has changed both - the image and the short description.

    If this is a temporary problem, I decided to go on with my new domain because, after all, I think that you're right.

  7. I've also tried to post my blog in Facebook through two different Facebook profiles but with no success...

  8. Try reconnecting with Facebook following the complete procedure at

  9. Nope. I've also cleaned the cookies and the cache of the Mozilla Firefox 17. No result.

  10. There's more to it than that. You also need to delete the Facebook app.

    Please follow the complete procedure, step-by-step:

  11. Oh, yes. I did that. This was actually the first thing I did. :)

  12. Try flushing your FB cache but disconnect from FB first
    Then try the full reconnect procedure again detailed at including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step.

  13. Nope. Even in the debugger of Facebook there's the old image...

  14. It's still going to take some time for Facebook to clear their cache.

    We really have no control over that. I had hoped that reconnecting would kick them in gear, but it appears the ball is now in Facebook's court.

  15. Okay, guys. I'll keep you updated on the matter and I hope that it won't take much longer for Facebook.

    I didn't cancel my new domain within the 48 h so I'm really looking forward to posting in Facebook my new articles because this is almost my only way of popularizing my blog.
    Thanks for your time, macmanx, timethief and notawoodpecker!

  16. You're welcome!

  17. I'm starting to become non-Facebook fan.
    Google+ refreshes its cache in 1 h...

  18. You're welcome. I have never been a Faceplant fan. LOL :D

  19. macmanx, could you check out the latest strange situation concerning Facebook. Could you share this: (not as a message but as a post) in your Facebook profile? You should really see this...

  20. Just the URL itself, no specific post?

  21. Sharing just seems to work perfectly for me.

  22. And after you posted it? 'Cause in my case sharing it seems to work just before hitting the "Post" button.
    If I send a message which contains the URL, then it's okay even after posting it.

  23. And it's not browser-specific. The same goes for Google Chrome.

  24. Hm, that's odd.

    This is what I see when I share it:

  25. Could it be country-specific? Something connected with Bulgaria? What can be done? When I enter the ULR here:, everything is okay, too.

    So the problem is only when it's posted as a publication in a Facebook profile.

  26. I tried three different FB profiles (though using the same computer).

  27. I suppose it could be country specific. Overall, I'm not sure. Facebook is responsible for choosing the image, so we really have no control.

  28. I'm suspecting that it may be up to my IP address. Is there a way to post something and make Facebook think that the IP is different?

  29. If I was Chuck Norris, I would have already deleted Facebook.. really! :)

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