Why my posts are not appearing in the reader?

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    Every time I publish a post, I just want to make sure they appear in the categories I select, but lately they have not. Especially in the category of ‘nanowrimo’. I only post in at most 4 or 5 categories. My latest post was categorized as “writing”, “photography”, “life” and “nanowrimo”. It’s appearing in all the other categories, just not “nanowrimo”. I really don’t know why this is. The main topic of my posts lately are nanowrimo, so I feel like I’m losing potential page views if it doesn’t appear in that category. Also, I don’t use many tags, and this particular I used none so it’s not a problem of having too many tags/categories.

    The blog I need help with is allmeanssomething.wordpress.com.



    The development team determined that it’s not re-using a tag label that causes the -2 to get added onto a category. It’s when you change between upper or lowercase, for example Nanowrimo vs. nanowrimo.

    I went into your Dashboard and used some Bulk Edit maneuvers to rename your affected categories so that they will exactly match your tags. So now your nanowrimo category no longer have the -2 in their slug. You can use that category if you want and your posts will still show up under Topics.

    I hope this helps! If you see any more issues please be sure to let us know.



    Thank you! I’ll have a look at it later! Thanks :)

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