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Why my posts aren't updated by Technorati?

  1. Hi everyone,
    Why my post are not updated in Technorati? The most recent post shows up in Technorati it dates back to Feb, 12th. Is there anything I should do to get the problem fixed, if so, please let me know what is to be done. Thank you in advance for the info.

  2. Just for reference, spamming a forum is not considered a good thing on the net. Especially when you do it in threads unrelated to your question and to ask a question that has been discussed before many time over in those forums.

    A quick search shows that two suggestions exist. 1) Ping manually via Technorati or Pingomatic and 2) Contact Technorati directly and inquire about the issue.

    Hope this helps,

  3. If you're using the datestamp to post things at a later time, I am finding that Pingomatic isn't pinging for those, and you have to do it manually. I would send a Feedback to staff, because it's not just you and it's not hte first time there's been an issue with the pingomatic service.

  4. There is a (new?) problem with Technorati updating posts at the moment; mine are nine days behind. There's a forum over there now too, and many have mentioned this issue there.

  5. If you manually ping them when you're signed in, it does update. I did mine last night; neither the Pingomatic pings that WordPress sets up nor the manual pings I do through Pingoat appear to be going through, so you have to do it right on their site. The one good thing in all this is that, because of the pause, any jumps you may take are going to be larger: I went up a thousand spots!

  6. I always ping Technorati onsite after each new posting. But they have not updated my listing for 9 days now. I have contacted Technorati support (a couple of days ago) and am waiting for their reply. Must just be a glitch. Similar had happened once before, it concerned my rank/links though. They fixed it sooner than I expected.

  7. macroartinnature

    Same here, and after manually pinging each posts.
    About 7 days behind on this end!
    Hopefully they will get a fix on it soon.

  8. Just to let you all know. My Technorati listings are in full working order now. (knock on wood) I did post in the forums though, not sure if that is what helped. Although I still haven't received an e-mail from Technorati suupport confirming all is fixed.

  9. defrostindoors

    I maintain a site for a friend, and installed a blog on it awhile back. Technorati still shows the last post as being a long time ago (like many weeks/a few months) even though it's set to ping automatically, and I've even tried pinging it manually.

  10. Some folk forget to claim their blog on Technorati. A claimed blog is updated automatically.

  11. Yes and no. It's supposed to be updated automatically, but far too often it isn't. That's what we're talking about here: all blogs are technically Technorati-claimed, but they still don't update automatically.

  12. Given the general outage and suckage at Technorati we really need to do everything we can sometimes to kickstart it. A silly thing like editing your profile can sometimes trigger a reindex for no good reason. On one of my blogs I jumped 1.4 million places in one go :)

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