Why my responses to comments on my wordpress site are not showing?

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    If I answer to a comment on my own wordpress site it does not show..why? The front screen counts my comment and there is a big wide space where my comment should be but my response is not inserted. I can see my comment if I look at all my posts in a list where you can edit etc… but it does not show on my public page.

    The blog I need help with is maxjoneslloyd.wordpress.com.



    Can you give us the direct link to a post where your comments SHOULD appear?



    this the link to one I posted yesterday… but there are others..

    Once upon a time I’m sure they showed up, so I think something has been changed perhaps by myself unwittingly.



    Have you customized your colours on that blog? Your comment is there, it’s just exactly the same colour as the background.

    Max Jones-Lloyd on 7 November 2012 at 8:14 pm said:

    Hi Jodi, aren’t they just. Dont you just feel all is right with the world as you are racing around trying to find dried up hogs weed to stuff down the middle of it….. Today I was a bit desp and I ended up tipping most of my matches down the middle and although that was a bit wasteful it worked brilliantly and the kettle came to a nice rolling boil instantly. …. Is it too weird to end up having a laugh on your own with ones Storm Kettle…? maybe us ‘Kettlers’ have many stories to tell…???
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    Ahhhh. right. Ok… so how/where do I edit the colour for my responses. Ive just got the whole blog colours exactly how I want it!


    As far as I can tell… my front page posts are in white. when you click into a blog entry I have changed the colour there so it is more suitable against the background colour. My responses are in white but set against a white response background colour:

    Where is the colour white being set…. its not on any of the things that I can change. Do you have any idea?



    I’m afraid I don’t know that theme well. You might have better luck changing the font colour.


    ok… thank you for attempting to help me. Im a little way there now. Many thanks

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