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Why my stats are not updated?

  1. My stats are not updated even if I tried to access my blog from different PCs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Were you logged in with your own account when you did that? I'm pretty sure your stats don't count visits the blog owner makes when logged in.

  3. I know that. I wasn't logged in. And also today I had some new followers with wordpress account and I didn't received any notification saying that I have a new follower.

  4. Stats take some time to update. How long has it been?

    I'll tag this for staff to look at your questions, and if you can think of any more helpful details in the meantime, then add them here.

  5. I have the problem for 3 hours. I know that the views for example should be update immediately or maybe I'm wrong. But, with my notifications it shouldn't be a problem.

  6. And for example I can see now the views which have as referrer this post.

  7. Stats are not realtime, so they take time to show up. I wouldn't worry over three hours. Have you checked your spam folder for the notification emails?

  8. I received the emails. But, there should be also a notification when I'm logged in to wordpress and also I should be able to see the notification when I log in again on wordpress.

  9. Hi @fatebygeorge - So your current problem is that you're not receiving a toolbar notification for new followers, is that correct?

    Do you see the notifications for the new followers if you go to the archive here:

    If not, can you please provide a couple of specific examples of recent followers you're missing a notification for, so that I can take a look?

  10. Yes, it's correct.

    No, I can't see there the notifications.

    My missing notifications are for: womanssoulkingdom ( and undecided1896 (


  11. Hi @fatebygeorge - For the first, you have only an email subscriber:

    We don't provide notifications of email subscribers, only for followers.

    For , you don't yet have any followers.

  12. I know that I don't receive notifications for email subscribers.

    They both appear to be in my Followers list.

  13. And these are not my blogs. These are in my followers list for my own blog.

  14. My issue is that these two people subscribed to my blog and now they are following my blog, but I didn't received any notification sayin that they are now following my blog.

  15. Hi @fatebygeorge - I'm so sorry. I had a total not-enough-coffee moment. I see what you mean now. :)

    However, I just logged into your account, and then followed your blog in another window, and I received the orange notification for my follow and it also showed in the notifications here:

    Do you see it in your toolbar now and in your notifications?

    If not, could you please make me a screenshot of how your notification dropdown looks to you? Here are instructions for how to make a screenshot:

    You can upload it to your blog's Media Library and I can look at it there.

  16. No worries.

    Yes, I can see now that you followed my blog. My issue was only with these two people, because after that I received the notification for any new follower.


  17. Awesome! Well, if it happens again, let us know. :)

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