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Why my WordAds earnings are very low, even impressions are high?

  1. Why my WordAds earnings are very low. It is showing a good number of impressions from last month but earning is less. I am expecting high this month, but i am very sad after watching this :-(.

    Can you please help me understand this? So that I can earn what i worth :-).
    My website is
    Please take a look.

    Rahul Panwar

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I noticed the same thing this month. Impressions up while ad revenue way down. My site is

    Phyllis (aka foodbuglady)

  3. WordAds is a VERY low-paying option, and one that has recently decreased what they pay substantially. You can look at the other threads on the WordAds tag in the forum to see you're not the only people disappointed by this.

  4. I've submitted a query to the WordAds support site. We'll see what happens. Fortunately, I'm not relying on this to pay the grocery bill :-()

  5. Does any of you know the reason for decresing what they pay?

  6. The WordAds forum is closed and the contact link is Those who need help with any WordAds issues must use it to contact WordAds Staff directly.

  7. I received the following explanation from Jon when I queried the WordAds support site:
    "Sure. Thanks for asking. It is probably the most common question we get. There are a few reasons why prices for online advertising rise and fall. One is that there is not a set price for an ad impression in online advertising. It operates just as a stock market with prices rising and falling in real time and with prices for visitors from different countries being dramatically different.

    Another reason is that we don't have 100% fill rate for ads. We could but the low paying ads are terrible so we chose not to run them. Fill rate will rise and fall.

    A further reason is that we were running high paying ads from Federated Media to your US traffic. Federated has abandoned this business:

    The other partners pay well but not as well as Federated. We are always testing new partners to try to increase the payout. I hope that helps. Jon"

  8. Thank you for sharing foodbuglady.

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