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Why no direct link from dashboard to support any more?

  1. Of all the useful links around the dashboard page, one really useful one took us straight here to the Support forums. The redesign has removed any such link.

    Another real nuisance is the dropdown menu top left - when viewing a single post and wanting to extract its shortlink, to click on this link activates the hotlink in the banner heading so immediately loads the home page. If this dropdown were not transparent the shortlink could be cut and pasted with ease.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see that link on the bottom of my Admin pages

  3. Don't you have this at the bottom of your Admin page?

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  4. Aha! Can't remember when I was last that far down the page! Thanks, TT.

  5. You're welcome. To be truthful I memorized these links ages ago so it's a no-issue for me. lol :)

  6. Aside: It's a relief to be visible again. I've spent the past six weeks trying to post in the forums, to be told the moment I'd posted that the Topic was closed, and the post was dated "41 years ago". Then in the Forum directory, my post was credited to Admin: rather than my name. And it slowly became evident that my posts were invisible to everyone except me. It proved impossible to find any direct email address to reach anybody at WP so in the end I had to approach one of your volunteer colleagues on his personal website and break the rules. He gave me the simple email address support@WP yet I've never seen this displayed anywhere obvious. Since then, I've heard nothing back, but the post above seems to be proof that my visibility is back to normal. Apologies to ramble on but I suppose I'm nipping myself to be sure this isn't a dream :!

  7. My advice: add the forum to the bookmarks bar of your browser so that you won't ever have to worry again where WP put things this month.

  8. Hahaha, it all seeems so obvious now... Thanks

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