Why no java script?

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    I’ve customized my CSS and gotten my theme looking exactly the way I want it. I am using the template to re-do my regular website’s online store, since it is way easier to design in WordPress than to do it from scratch!

    However, I just changed over to a new shopping cart system to get away from having a pop-up cart (which is blocked by many customers’ browsers). The new (non-popping) cart requires java script. Why isn’t java allowed in WordPress? I’m not putting shopping cart buttons into a widget or sidebar–just straight in the code of each page.

    I’m curious to know if this is a policy with a serious “why” to it, or if it’s something WordPress would reconsider — or if there’s already a way to put java buttons into the page that I just don’t know about.




    Javascript is not allowed here due to security concerns. It is well explained in the FAQ http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/javascript-can-i-use-that-on-my-blog/


    Thank you very much. I’ve suggested adding E-Junkie.com’s java buttons, due to their high security level. Here’s hoping! :-)

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