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Why no Open-Source Templates in

  1. I was wondering why doesn't doesn't support open-source templation? Not because of that is open-source, but... Hey, I do know WP is the number one, but still, I like Blogger's open-source templation.

  2. wut r u talking about

  3. I think that the question in the original post is: why can't we edit our templates? This is a frequently-asked question:

  4. You cannot add or remove any html to any theme. This is for security reasons.

    it says. They think we'd hack wordpress? :P

  5. Yes, they do. is different from Blogger and other blogging services, in that the guts of the blogs are shared. Essentially, everyone using a theme is at the mercy of everyone else using that theme; this is why javascript, etc is not allowed. Allowing people to tinker with the HTML would change that for everyone else using that theme as well.

    I think the main reason they charge for the CSS upgrade is not so they can make money, but for the bother of separating your blog from the others. If you have the CSS upgrade and know how to use CSS, you can tinker to your heart's content.

  6. And how does Blogger work? Are they not afraid of hacking? :P

    Even though I buy CSS upgrade, I can't do much things do I? It's just styles, the CSS

  7. I'd rather have ability to edit my template than having 3GB of storage space :)

  8. Blogger works quite differently, yes; it is not a mulituser platform. And it's been hacked numerous times.

    If you want to change the way your blog looks, CSS is the way to go. If you want to change the way your blog works, then you'll have to go independently hosted.

  9. But, I want to stay with the WP :) All right, if there's no other way, I won't complain anymore.

  10. There's no real point putting it in the forum. We're almost exclusively volunteers. Staff is more effectively reached via the Support button on your dashboard.

  11. Ok, thanks. And BTW, how do I put "resolved" sign in the topic?

  12. You should be able to scroll up to your first post and set it there.

  13. dolugen,
    If you run the self-hosted version of WordPress from you can change anything you want with your blog.

  14. @mtdewvirus,
    Yeah, I know I can host one, but I'm not in that kind of mood right now, I think I'll do that later on a good sunny day :)

  15. Sorry raincoaster, but where exactly is the 'change state' or something link? I can't see it here... I guess it's a system error :P

  16. Since this post is in the Ideas forum, Resolve is not an option.

  17. OK, got it. (I'm new to WP forums)

  18. Welcome aboard! :-)

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