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Why no plugins? :(

  1. Why are there no plugins for It makes no sense because anyone can easily just self-host their blog with, or even Blogger.

    Also, why can't we use ads? It's not like WordPress is paying us. It's the company we got the ads from (AdSense, Amazon, Chitika, etc.), isn't it?

  2. offers a much more secure, no maintenance platform for people who want to concentrate on content. In return, it means you can't add active code like plugins. And puts ads on our blogs and keeps the income; this is why there's no charge for your hosting.

    If you'd prefer, as you point out you can buy hosting, install software from, and away you go. It sounds like what you want to blog for is not what is built for, so it's not the platform for you.

  3. Yes, but there are free webhosts (with subdomains, though), and Blogger is completely free and you can add ads in it?

  4. Yes, you can. And the blogs there go down on a fairly consistent basis because of hacks that blogs are invulnerable to. And the SEO is not nearly as good.

    Each web host has its pluses and minuses, so make your choice appropriately.

  5. The reason for no ads is that to provide your free service WordPress sometimes run their own adds. The only advertising you can do is by joining their shared-revenue WordAdds scheme.

  6. How can I apply for WordAdds?

  7. what do you mean the seo is not as good? what seo features do free sites have?

  8. @jgreerberube
    WordAds. It’s for blogs on their own domains only
    Other than being accepted into WordAds no blogger initated advertising is allowed at

  9. @br1168
    The site linked to your WordPress.COM username is not a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. Please fix that. SEO is very good and there is no need for any SEO the plugin. If you had two identical sites, one hosted here and one self-hosted using that same plugin, the site hosted here would have better SEO than the self-hosted site. has huge SEO and you get the benefit of that by having your site as a "subdomain" here. Please read this >

  10. With some 64,000,000++ blogs - the WordPress.COM model can't be all that bad - and I think that WordPress software drives something like 20% of all new web sites on the internet

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