Why no reaction from wordpress to Myanmar Unicode matter?

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    Hi Ze’ and all other localisation related WordPress staffs,

    I have understood that there was a heated discussion about the font to use in WordPress localisation for Myanmar(Burmese). Let me discuss more about this.

    First of all, I would need a reply from WordPress on this problem. The last discussion has ended up with no decision. Please do suggest WordPress’s opinion for this time. What if a validator who uses Unicode standardised font edit all the translations those are in other fonts done by another validator? I am really curious on this.

    I have not developed any font and I have no personal relationship with all of these font developers. I am just a totally end user in the sense of WordPress and fonts. Anyway, we have to follow the only one standardised font especially for online localisation.

    I have understood that WordPress allowed Ayar Team for official WordPress in Myanmar. I really hat-off to those guys who have translated tons of strings with much effort. But please imagine for next 5 years, we need to have two encoding standards to see Wikipedia and WordPress in Myanmar. Please do think is it reasonable?

    Now, OSx Lion put the Unicode standardised fonts as preloaded font for Myanmar. Though Windows and Google has not put it yet, I believe, it will not be too far away. At such time, should we use two encoding at the same time to access different Internet gems in Myanmar.

    We need to solve it right now. The longer it takes, the more trouble we could face in future. And it will never be as easy as ABC.

    Hope you all would understand where I come from and I do hope the decent decision and suggestion will be provided very soon.

    Thanks a lot to all of you.

    (Please refer to this discussion for some links as evidence on Unicode.)

    The blog I need help with is mydaydream89.wordpress.com.


    All staff are currently in the middle of a brainstorming and coding blitz to bring us new features and such, but they are monitoring the forums. It might be a little bit before they get back to you, but they will. I’ll tag this thread for staff attention. Just be patient.



    Thanks a lot for the reply. Yeah, I’ll be patient. Thanks again!


    What would be the ideal solution? We have no problem in supporting one language with two different encodings, but keep in mind that those will be totally distinct translation sets, i.e. there’s is no way to somehow ‘link’ them.



    That’s what I would like you to consider. It’s no where possible to use two encoding methods for same language of same application. As WordPress becomes one of the icons of the Web, I would like to see it with standardised fonts. Here are some facts for your consideration.

    1)The most localised website: Wikipedia uses only Unicode standardised fonts.
    2)The most popular operating system: Windows has put only Unicode standardised font to their upcoming Windows 8. We can test it in developer preview, now.
    3)Another famous operating system: Mac OSx has put only Unicode standardised font to their latest version called Lion.
    4)Linux has already fully supported Unicode standardised fonts.

    So, while all of us are using one of the above OSes, we will never need to install any font to our machine and no one will see square boxes like as they do currently. anymore So, is it possible to use a not fully Unicode standardised font only on WordPress while all the major application/sites are using fully standardised Unicode font?

    Decision is yours. I just would like to highlight how will it affect the users if we avoid using Unicode standardised font. Plus, there are lots of Myanmar users who are using WordPress as their major blogging platform. I’m afraid they will face lots of difficulties when it comes to sorting, calculation and many more data manipulation without Unicode standardised fonts.

    Thanks much for your effort to Myanmar Language.



    Plus, the effort of all the kind translators will remain unchanged as we can easily convert those strings which are already translated into non-standardised fonts in case WordPress agrees to use Unicode encoding method.

    I’m more than happy and ready to provide you more information regarding to encoding and font issue if you wish to.



    I’ve raised that matter to pertinent WordPress Administrators a while ago about the use of Ayar font.I got the impression that they don’t wholeheartedly support Unicode encoding.



    Dear vanillalounge

    >>> What would be the ideal solution? We have no problem in supporting one language with two different encodings,

    The ideal solution is supporting Unicode 6.0 standards in the wordpress. There are no advantages which is supporting non-Unicode standards in WordPress. We are native person and current translation will be useless when Windows 8 debuted and currently Mac with Lions.


    Ngwe Tun



    I take it that with the non-Unicode implementation you could not include words in other character sets, for example have a line by line translation from Sanskrit or Chinese into the Myanmar language.

    Unicode has to be the way to go for all languages

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