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Why none bloggers do not get new post notifications by email

  1. When people that are not WP bloggers click the "Follow Me" button on my blog I don't get notification of it nor do they receive emails notifying them of new posts being published.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I sure would like an answer to this question.

    Thanks, Jerry

  3. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  4. You typically won't get notifications for followers.

    They should, however, receive emails.

    Would you please ask them to check their spam folder?

  5. They have checked their spam folder and nothing there. The signed up to follow and get no notices of any kind, not even that they signed up. I've made several posts since their signing up and nothing.

    Thank you for your time, Jerry

  6. It is the same with both my blogs.

  7. When they sign up, they receive a confirmation email with an activation link which must be clicked. If they don't do that, their subscription isn't activated.

    It's also possible that they chose to block all emails from at some point.

    What is the email address in question?

  8. I clicked the "Follow Me" button on your PhoPort blog, gave my non-WP email address, and got a pop-up saying: "Thank you for following PhoPort. We sent you a confirmation email..."

    I also received a confirmation email almost immediately after that.

  9. Thank you. I'm sorry for misstating myself. There were some that said they got confirmation for following but are not getting email notifications of new posts.. And do I understand I will not get a notice of non WP members following me?

  10. macmanx. Are you referring to the subscribers email address or mine?

  11. Yes, can you give me maybe two or three email addresses for the folks who aren't receiving posts?

  12. Sorry for the delayed reply. The people that said they weren't getting notices didn't want to give out their email. Is there no way WP can check with an email address?

    Thanks, Jerry

  13. I would need the email addresses to check. If you provide them in a reply here in the standard format, only myself and my colleagues will be able to see them.

  14. It's a fairly new blog but these are the ones that said they weren't getting emails. Maybe they said they subscribed to be nice.

    [email redacted]

    [email redacted]

    [email redacted]

  15. All three are just pending subscriptions.

    When a reader subscribers via email, they're sent a confirmation email with link which must be clicked to activate the subscription.

    In the case of these three, they never clicked their activation links.

  16. Thank you macmanx, I'll let them know.

  17. You're welcome!

  18. Dear WordPress

    Once again, I've been waiting for days to get some type of reply to an issue.

    I like WP, I really do but actions or lack of timely actions by support does not make me too eager to spend my money for an upgrade. I can't honestly tell others how great WordPress is knowing there are problems.
    I have lost followers, their posts do not show up in my reader and they still show in my community as followers.

    I've had followers contact me because I'm not showing up in their reader nor are they getting new post notifications by email.

    If that's not enough there seems to be a bogus number under my "Follow Me" button. WP is showing I have more than I do. ;)

    Many of you members/clients are complaining and yet you don't seem to be listening.

    Thanks, Jerry

  19. Our reply on this issue really hasn't changed since last week.

    At the time, they had not clicked the activation link in their subscription confirmation emails.

    Have you let them know about this?

  20. Yes I did let them know, nothing has changed and I'm not going to wait on them. I posted the new message above because once again I've been waiting for around 4 days to the same question I asked above in a new and separate post. My issues now with WP is more important than a few people not getting update notifications.

    Thank you macmanx.

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