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Why not a thumbnail image in other people's blogrolls?

  1. I have noticed that several blogs are listed in blogrolls with both a thumbnail image (typically the initial image from the latest post) and the heading for the post. However, my blog are listed with the heading only, and no thumbnail image.

    Is this a specific WordPress issue, or can I tweak the feed from my blog to include a thumbnail also?

    My blog is located at

  2. You can open the Links widget and select from the display options there. One is "Show Link Image". See here >

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Just to be sure; are you referring to the blogroll my blog will present, or my blog's presentation at other people's blogrolls? It is the last option I am looking for an answer to.
    Sorry about the language, a Norwegian speaking here :-)

  4. I think it depends on how other people are listing your blog (with or without image) in their blogroll. You can possibly ask them to include your image if they have other images next to blog links in their blogroll.

  5. It is up to the other blogger as to how they set up their links widget. Some show an image and some don't. It is their choice. I had images on mine for a while but then decided I didn't like them there so I removed them.

  6. If you MAKE an image and offer it (perhaps in a text widget) then people will sometimes use it. Don't ever expect someone else to make an image to represent your blog; who would go to that much work for you? Make your own and make sure it relates to your header image and/or blavatar/favicon.

  7. I choose not to enable avatar images on comments. I chose not to use a Links widget. If you choose to display an avatar image slong side the site name in your blorgroll then the number of links leaking out link juice is doubled. I prefer to keep the total number of links on my front page and on all pages in my blog below 100 so the search spiders sail through with ease when they index.

  8. @arifsali @thesacredpath: look at this example (in Norwegian, but you will get the picture: At the the right sidebar, there are several blogs showing, some with thumbnails, some without. It seems like bloggers from, for instance the platform, will get thumbnails showing automatically, but bloggers from WordPress and other platforms don't.

    (Sorry that my latest post showing in this roll is a text message in it self - (really a *bad* example in this case, but all my posts have always been showed as text only in rolls).

    @raincoaster: I usually have a initial image for my posts, and I wish for this to be reflected at blogrolls as a thumbnail (enclosed with the automated text feed by the RSS). Of course I don't expect anyone to make an image to represent my blog, I would not ask for anyone to do that much work. What I am looking for, is the automatic process that seems to differentiate between the different blogging platforms.

  9. @lonebu, Blogger does lot of others things which does not.

    The only automated mechanism in place here is the RSS feed of your blog and that does include gravatar image of your blog (whatever that may be set in your profile).

  10. Well, I have a gravatar icon, but not represented at my blog as such. I haven't set up a public profile at my blog. Would that be relative to this issue? It is the updated RSS feed I am inquiring.

  11. This is your deed. Please click it then click media files 5394500dca48cdce6b4aa8a2945c59fb
    That's your gravatar image so yes it's in the feed.

  12. OOPS! I hit the wrong key there. I meant to type feed not "deed". :(

  13. lol - you had me going there for a minute :)
    I have no problem with the gravatar showing in itself, it is more the challenge of getting my RSS feed to show both a heading *and* the initial image of the post, as a thumbnail, in blogrolls.

  14. I will now place a feed to your blog in my sidebar and enable gravatars. Then you can see what the result is on my blog.

  15. I did that and no gravatar or any other image displayed. I have not taken the RSS widget out again.

  16. Okay I took it out now.

  17. Hm. Should I make a new post with an image only, just to check?

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