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why not appear my "like" that you I give at also blogs?

  1. the "like" that I'm putting them to blogs of my friends, some do not it appear,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL starting with http:// for your own blog please?
    You can only click the like button on other free hosted blogs when you are logged into

  3. edited by tess: this is a mature site
    this is

  4. I was on the Reader, I found the blogs of friends I put "like" but, not the fact remains, returning in the same blog I find as if I did not give the "like"

  5. Now I was on your blog, I put a like ... the last post

  6. day-to-day the same problem: how many "like" I can give to friends?
    is a limit to how many "like" then put the others?
    because I put "like" in some blogs and there are "like" not glued
    some will, some will not

  7. I don't know but it could be that because your blog is mature you cannot link with your gravatar to your site on "likes." I'll modlook this so a staff person can explain.
    From the support document:

    Blogs marked Mature and their owning users are permitted to utilize all other aspects of…

  8. thank you so much TT

  9. as I find out if my blog is marked as mature?
    many "like" in other blogs, do not glue
    thanks for help

  10. Your blog has been marked as mature. Your username is not linked to your blog and the link in your original post says, "The blog I need help with is (blank: not visible in public forums)
    Moderators only: this is a mature blog"

    I'm a volunteer, a fellow blogger, but as a moderator I can see your link but timethief cannot. (that is why she asked for a link to your blog) Staff will have to help you with that issue. IMO your blog does not look "mature." But only staff can decide about that.

    This thread is tagged for staff to see. Please subscribe so you will be notified when they respond. Be patient: it is the weekend and there will be many people who are waiting.

  11. pfiu... thanks again,

  12. I love my blog, and I do not put materials vulgare ...why.. what happens?
    why it must be my blog indexed mature?
    What should I do now? I'm desperate ...
    Who can help me?

  13. vdge,
    Please subscribe to this thread so you will be notified when staff responds. Staff works from oldest to newest help requests: please be patient until your turn comes up.
    As I said, I think there has been some mistake or misunderstanding, though I did not read your entire site.

  14. ok, I wait patiently and trust, I know there are many blogs and the staff is very friendly and helpful, thank you

  15. thank you so much

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