Why not use language people can understand?

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    I’ve just lost half an hour trying to publish an over long post because a message kept telling me to ‘try again in a minute.’

    It clearly meant that the blog was over the maximum word length. There: it’s easy to say that. Why do I get told it (paraphrased) ‘couldn’t connect with the editor deadline’ (didn’t even know there was one) and ‘try again in a minute’ when it wasn’t going to be to publish the post in one minute or at anytime?

    This use of complicated and indirect language really takes up time. We are all familiar with the most commonly used meanings of words, so why don’t we try use words as well as we can to be clear and get across what we mean?

    I found the problem (because the system couldn’t be arsed to employ words which are just as free to use as the misleading ones that were used) because I posted the blog into another post and tried again. The same insipid error message came up. When I cut the post in two halves (a good idea anyway), there was no problem posting.

    I suggest that, instead of talk about deadlines which the user is never introduced to the existence of, the key words ‘too long’ are used. It gets to the point and saves the user time.

    Right now we can all use all the time we can get.

    The blog I need help with is dairyofanonnymoose.wordpress.com.



    Will yopu please post an active link to the blog you are having this issue on?

    It clearly meant that the blog was over the maximum word length. T

    There is no word limit on posts. They can be as long as we choose to make them and we can instert next page (pagination) tags to split the text wherever we choose.

    Please file a support ticket with Staff and clearly describe exactly what you experienced in it so they can address this issue.



    P.S. I apologize for the typos above I failed to use the spellchecker.


    The “try again in a minute” typically means that the servers are temporarily experiencing high traffic or something similar such as staff rolling out a bug fix or something like that.


    Also on text limits, I am sure wordpress is using at least “mediumtext” for post/page fields in the database.

    Mediumtext: 16,000,000 (16 million) characters or 3,200,000 words (at standard 5 spaces/characters per word, punctuation included)

    Even if they were not using medium, a standard text field in mysql databases will hold 13,000 words (at standard 5 spaces/characters…)



    Yeah, it was just a temporary problem at a datacenter.


    Thanks everyone, that’s really kind of you. I’ll give it another heave.



    You’re welcome from me and best wishes with your blog.

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