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Why Oh Why Are You Blogging

  1. Yes, tell me, why are you in here? What made you say "Ok, this is it. I am creating a blog" what was the spark that started it all?

    For me it was a lack of creative resources and the need to share inspiration to strangers. So, why are you here? you want to make money? want to inspire, create, dislike, review, etc? do you just need a place to express yourself? want fame?.... anything goes!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you seen my About page?

  3. necrotichijinks

    Make money? Could you please explain that one to me? If there's a way to make money with this, I'd love to hear it.

    And in response to your question: women love bloggers and will throw themselves at any man who gives them an online thrill. Who could possibly pass up something like that? ;)

  4. My "spark" was wanting a blog for my writing! I made one a few days ago, but I didn't want to post random personal things on it, so I made another one. d:
    The purpose of my personal blog -- other than to have the freedom to post any crazy thing I want, is to be a place to archive reviews on pretty much everything (music, books, movies, makeup, etc)! \o/


  5. I love writing, blogging helps me reach out to readers :)

  6. I had some content that I wanted to publish and my friends enjoyed my personal stories and observations, so I thought why not inflict them upon the world?

  7. I wanted to share my experience with friends and others who might be interested in taking the study abroad plunge.

  8. To write posts for my older self's amusement. :)

  9. I wanted to share my writing and photographs with others. But truly I believe it was a way to keep out the boredom. :)

  10. I got bored and thought it would be fun to learn to write well, having a public place to post it helps me hold to a deadline and that keeps me going.

  11. I have a few friends that blog so I thought I'd have a go, I armed myself with tea and toast this morning, parked myself at the computer, with thoughts of great things rushing from my brain to my fingers, but nothing so far has happened sadly

  12. @necrotichijinks well if you are Perez Hilton you can! haha jk. Is that true about women and blogging? I was oblivious to it! (good tip)

    @corkscrewboo I hear yah! we all have those days, even if we don't have a blog. I've been trying to ask peeps what's the best way to get rid of their creative rut, what do you do to get rid of yours?

    I think all of us in here have something in common, we are trying to leave our mark and drain our brains a bit, yes?

  13. Oh..and in case you need some inspiration here..

    Total sunshine for the soul, right?

  14. I am here because my boyfriend was born with no arms from the shoulder and he once said to me he wants to change how the world sees physically disabled people. My blog is my contribution to that.

  15. I guess I started to blog because it seems that we always have crazy stories. I am slowly recording memories of past things while keeping up with new things.
    I like to throw in crazy nonsense for fun as well.
    Money? Well that would be a plus to whole thing right?

  16. That is totally true about women and bloggers. Totally. Ask Julian Assange.

  17. @kiwikar that's such a beautiful topic! and the title "A Normal Couple" fits it perfectly.

    and yes it's all about the ramblings and random facts of life. Crazy nonsense stuff is what makes blogs unique, I mean, there are like 10000000000 Satorialist look-a-likes out there and 6000 perez hiltons, so.. being crazy and random and personal seems to me to be the key..

    And I will ask Julian! :)

  18. @Thegbox: Thank you! Your blog is really great too! I love anything art related. The polaroid photos you posted are gorgeous!

  19. What @Raincoaster said:

  20. My "about me" page explains why I'm here:

  21. @ inspirationalmusings Ohh la la, love and relationship advice, is that a tough one? I once tried to post something related to that topic and it was a complete FAIL. Are you also helping readers who send their questions?

    @kiwikar thank you, your too kind

  22. necrotichijinks
    Actually, i'm a girl and i certainly would not *throw* myself at a male blogger. Where on earth did you get that idea?

  23. And i started blogging because i've always liked sharing things with other people, and i thought that if i could do that and possibly get advice and that kind of thing then that would just be an added bonus!

  24. necrotichijinks

    @ ryu:

    I think you ought to know that I am a psychic. I can peer into your deepest thoughts and dreams... and I know that you are just waiting for a blogger to sweep you off your feet.

  25. I don't want to put words in necrotichijinks's mouth, but I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic... ;P

  26. HAHA! amazing. I'm happy to hear some people have powers in here. I have some of my own too, I can talk non-stop for 10 hours!

    @ryu as a blogger I get tons of people throwing themselves at me, ugh, so annoying. (see that, sarcasm, again!) And I don't think any guys in their right mind would blog to get chicks..or maybe yes?

    This whole thread got me thinking, you think girls blog WAY more than guys? I know there are some very prominent man bloggers, but, I feel I see way more famous girl bloggers, is this an actual fact? or is it just the people I am following?

  27. @ thegbox - I would love to take readers questions!! It's not to hard to write about, I don't claim to be an "expert" by any means, I just share what I've learned through observation and experience.

  28. You should totally do it! start with friends and then help other lost souls (you'll probably receive a message from me too haha) and observation and experience sometimes make you an expert! so who knows, maybe you already are one but don't know it, right?

  29. luridtalesofdoom

    According to my about page I started this thing for my own amusement and because I love you. :S

    The way I remember it, I started a blog to use as a sandbox for trying out various things - and because so many people assume that you probably have a blog, so its easier to have one than to explain why not.

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