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Why Oh Why Are You Blogging

  1. I like delahara's reason the best. I used to have a friend who wrote himself a letter every year - intending to open it ten years later so he can amuse his older self.

  2. Because I can't stop writing..I write on pieces of notebooks..on my hand whatevers available, writing my randomness online was something I hadn't done, so here I am :-)

  3. @luridtalesofdoom that's such a good idea, I am totally getting on that - I am sure my older self will be very amused by my actual self, in a good way!

    @nuttyneuron Are you serious? Good for you! (I am actually a bit jealous of your writing frenzy) what's your favorite topic? or anything goes?

  4. Well I suppose I'm here because I haven't officially been on a propper blog site so I'm pretty much new to this whole thing, and the one i was using at school got shut off, not sure why though. Anyway that's how I wound up here because a friend I know found this place for me. This could also be a chance for me to get the creative juices in writing to flow again, not to mention meet new people, gain experience etc.

  5. 2 of my blogs are to support business activities for 2 firms.

    My personal blog (a 3rd blog) is to place words and images of my world to the rest of the world --if they want to see it.

    But, yes when I read some of my older stuff, it is interesting looking backward: Did I really experience all that?

  6. I had a friend who wrote a poem a day to his wife while she was alive. Once she died, he continued to be inspired by her, so he continued to write a poem a day, and in this case he posted it on his blog. That is the kind of tribute that I aspire to be worthy of.

  7. A friend once asked me if a memory that had ever touched my heart to stay there forever. And I narrated the incident I wrote in my first blog post to her.

    And it got me thinking – even if it has only been 22 years, even if I have a rather regular existence, there are many encounters of varied kinds that deserve to be marked as unforgettable meaningful memories. This thought gave birth to ‘Finding 42’. I now write about moving experiences and people around me.

  8. crashcourseinself

    Oh, why do I blog? I have no fricking clue. Do the Internets really need yet another blogger out there? Probably not. I have a blog (hosted elsewhere) that is a bit stale and about my kids. That makes sense - it's an online memory album of sorts and a way to stay connected with family elsewhere. But this blog? It's purpose for existence lies somewhere between self aggrandizement and self therapy.

    There's a post someone else wrote about this topic that I like. My take on his point: We blog because we just hope there's someone out there who'll find our message and connect with it.

    Someone Else's Blog:

    And if anyone is curious, my blog:

  9. I started blogging because it is a good way to keep my stuff without taking up space irl.
    Also because I like painting with digital art programs and writing some.

  10. Being a recent starter of a personal blog, I guess I'm blogging because I want to write more. I used to write a lot, but over the past two years have been forced to slow down considerably due to extenuating circumstances.

    Blogging sort of helps me to get back into that swing of writing, and gives me an outlet for all my ideas and topics I'd like to write about. It's also great practice for exploring other forms of writing such as to inform, instruct, explain, discuss, and so on. Not to mention I'd love to try meeting new people through blogging (:

  11. I wanted a real hobby. I wanted to do something creative. I also wanted to channel my awesomeness to the world. Pretty hard if you ask me.

  12. mostlymonochrome

    I want to share my photography with whoever wants to look at it.

  13. its therapy to my mind if you see what im writing you'll see why

  14. idiotphotographer

    Because it amuses me to do so.

  15. I blog without a theme. I write what I want to on my blog. I blog because I have always loved to write and wish that I could write more.

  16. I usually don't write publically about my ideas and personal things at all. But I had a weird idea that only works in the www and which doesn't includes that much personal facts to be spread. This idea needs collaboration with many ppls, so, a blog is a great starting point to sit down and work on a vast virtual 'spiderweb' :)
    Tried a lot other typical ways for other projects to generate attention and traffic, but a blog feels more comfortable and 'honest' to me than just sharing infos on facebook and the likes. WP rocks ;)

  17. oh la la so many people popping by! gotta check some of these blogs

  18. im bloggin because i wanna express how i feel. it makes me feel better

  19. i blog to keep a record of my life...even though it isn't very interesting aha. i have another blog (on tumblr) solely for creative writing.

  20. I want to live healtier and that's why I decided to start my blog so it would make it more motivating to put up pictures of my lunch and get into touch with other people doing the same thing I'm doing now. I think it's working since I'm always looking up new things to pack for lunch :)

    @ Luridtalesofdoom: Did your friend ever open his letters?

  21. mewithmycamera

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  22. Hmmmm? Originally I started Blogging to share my love of crazy, terrible foreign horror and cult movies with fellow fanatics. People in my "real life" always start to snooze when I want to talk about the fun I had tracking down a rare copy of... say a Malay ghost movie or a Turkish gangster film....

    Thank goodness, out on the Web there's far more odd people.... :)

    As time has progressed and the Blog has continued, my "real life" has sorta crept in too and now it's a place to write about my hobbies, my work and whatever other silly things possess me at the moment.

  23. I'm not up to date...I got sick of reading goofinesses, at every turn... I am really just releasing pent up energy. Mostly, words I can't utter, in front of my three-year-old.

  24. Okay, actually, I went through and read the rest. @nuttyneuron...I know what you mean. I once had a pizza guy hand me his waiter's tablet, because he caught me, writing fervently on napkins, with a slice and a pint in front of me.
    Thanks, for making me feel not so weird...

  25. I blog just to make people laugh. It just so happens that the things I do are entertaining and funny. So I guess it all kind of works itself out.

  26. I'm here because I'm hoping that writing will prove a more efficient outlet for my inner madness ;D I also would like to keep my writing style fresh as I've recently graduated and so won't have much opportunity for writing much anymore... and it may come in handy for the future! *Cough*LOOKINGFORACAREER*Cough*

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  28. I have been dealing with severe depression for the last 4+ years. My story is not unique, but maybe while I write out my experiences therapeutically, someone will read it and realize they are not alone and they can and should seek help without the fear of being labeled crazy or pathetic.

  29. Because I find things like this
    Neil Patrick Harris approves!

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