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Why on theme: DePo Masthead, the widgets don't appear in the third column?

  1. Hello, i tried to set some widgets in the right column of my blog but they appear in the middle column all the time,is it possible to help this? Many thanks in advance.


  2. There's a dropdown under "Current Widgets": you select the column you need to edit, then click "Show".

  3. Hello, I did it many times before but it never work, the widgets for the right column go to the middle column no matter how many times I edit them. And now the post are doing the same (Ireduced vdos and photos and cut the texts but no respond). I think this THEME is very cool but very inconvenient and frustrating. Do you know where I can read more info about this??? Thank you!!

  4. I'm not trying to highjack someone the thread, but I have the same problem. I have widgets in each of the three columns, but it never displays on the right. The same is true for my post. I've now reduced the fist two columns to only one paragraph using the more tag, but still no luck. I've also read every possible thread I could find on this subject but could not find an answer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (If my blog isn't linked to my avatar, it is

  5. Me again. I'm not sure why, but on my computer my blog appears to have problems displaying the posts in three columns as well as the widgets at the bottom. However, when I open it on another computer it displays correctly. I guess there is something wrong with my display settings (or something else?). At least I know now that the theme isn't the problem.

  6. Hi Bern. Actually it also ocurred to me and after several post the columns started working right... I also know that some computers have problems to see the blog in the right format (graphics and text). What I recomend is to keep using the theme for a while and try to set widgets to the right column every day... I contacted the author of the theme at his own blog, I didn't received any feedback from him but I think it all worked well after that! Good luck!


  7. Hey Bern, i've just get into you blog and it seems stunnig (3columns)... yeah I see from the date of your note you got lots of time to solve it. Regards!

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