Why quest for the dashboard from the homepage?

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    It’s been happening for months now that the ability to navigate from homepage – to log in – to dashboard has become increasingly difficult. Now there is no accessing my dashboard unless I go through several different places first. That’s a big pain in the bother. Really!
    As I hover on the (W) on the left corner atop this page there is still no link to the dashboard. I don’t always want to post something, I’d rather see what sort of traffic I’m getting, who comments, what spam I need to delete and all the other wonderful things accessing the dashboard allows me to do.
    After I typed this up and reviewed it I decided to hover over the upper right part of my screen that is normally reserved for accessing my profile; it seems that the only way to access the dashboard directly is to use the drop-down. That sucks. Really.

    The blog I need help with is vaguerantcd.wordpress.com.



    I would guess the reason that the dashboard is under that dropdown is because many account users participate on multiple blogs.

    If someone participates on two or five or even more blogs, the drop down makes it easy to access any of the dashboards, stats, comments or blogs , from any location at wp.com.


    The other reason is that WP seems to have a mania for changing things all the time.

    Simple solution: add your main dashboard page as a bookmark in the bookmarks bar of your browser.



    Yeah, it is the simple solution and done :o)

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