why should I choose WordPress?

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    I have a site which can be defined as 70% fix content (sections which are rarely updated) and 30% mobile content (news).

    The reason I’m thinking about transferring it to WordPress is because of his stability…not so much for blogging and the general interaction it allows (not that I don’t like it…it’s just not the primary purpose of the site :-) )

    My question: can WordPress still make sense for such a ‘standard’ site?

    Thanks a lot



    It can but it depends on what you want to do with it. A blog is really just website software; what makes it a “blog” is the idea that you update it daily with personal content. But there’s no reason you can’t use it differently and like other sites.

    WP.com allows you to create pages as well as posts and they’re static pages, so most of your fixed content can go there; it’d be a direct swap. Your news content would then go on the blog page, with the latest news stories appearing as your posts. If you chose a theme with a website-like design as well (like MistyLook), then effectively you’d have built a website. And it should function much the way you want it to.

    The downside is that there are some things we can’t do on WP.com. We can’t install Javascript or use Flash for security reasons, so if your content pages include a lot of videos or audio, you’d need to host them with a service that can be used with WP.com. We also can only use themes provided by WP.com (although we can change the appearance with the CSS upgrade), and WP.com blogs are noncommercial so you can’t place ads on them. If you want to market your blog/site, it might not be the best place for you.

    So basically it depends what you want to use WP.com for. If you just want to concentrate on content and know that you’re secure and backed up, WP.com is good for that. If you want to have more access to your blog/site and make it marketable, you’re better off looking somewhere else. There’s also a difference between WP.com and WordPress; WP.com is a hosting company, WordPress is software that can be downloaded from http://wordpress.org/ . If you like the idea of WP.com but would like more freedom, the software might be a good option. Hope that helps.

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