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why should i purchase a domain name

  1. Why should I purchase a domain name?

    How much does it cost?

  2. It is not completely necessary to purchase a domain name, but it allows you to have a blog address of say versus

    It will cost the $15 a year to be registered and added to your blog.

    Here is the FAQ on adding a domain to your blog.


  3. It's $15/year for the redirect from, but the domain registration cost depends on who you register it through.

  4. Actually the $15 includes the domain. It's $10 if you've already had the domain registered elsewhere.

  5. oh, sorry. I'm full of misinformation today. :s

  6. Don't worry. I left my whip at home today. :)

    At least you're trying...

  7. The best reason to buy a domain name is then you aren't tied to using any specific blog host (like

    It gives you the flexibility to move your blog somewhere else transparently without having to tell everyone your new address.

  8. Good point. :)

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