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Why should I read your blog?

  1. I'm looking for some new blogs to read. Obviously I'm looking for new readers as well. You should read my blog because it's a mix of people's stories and discussing issues that are typically ignored. Freedom Unearthed check it out and I'll read anyone's blog that posts here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. don't need to read mine but you should LOOK at it...its more of a looking blog....

  3. Very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You should read mine because my name is Jason. I think that's reason enough. Another good reason might be that there are jokes involved. Some jokes. Three jokes. There are approximately three jokes involved with my blog. I hope you at least like one and a half.

  5. If you are looking for inspiration, then maybe some of my photographs could inspire you. As a photographer, it's partly a photoblog, but it's also about my life and travels.

  6. Read mine....I am new and need feedback, I think it looks good but I need to be sure!

  7. You should read mine because it's darkly humorous and has a story about a goat. All the winning features of a first-class blog!

  8. yourpaljason- very creative blog. Thanks for sharing!

  9. noirciplume- great pictures! I'm really enjoying all of these different types of blogs!

  10. mrsgroves07- that is a beautiful blog! it's a great layout. is that a premium template? I thought about getting one but wasn't sure if it would make much difference. Your's is very clean and draws you in. Good job and I hope you do well.

  11. Anna- I feel bad for poor Smelly! Your's is definitely dark and quirky but that's cool. Thanks for sharing.

  12. You should read mine because it's pretty and it looks like its fixin' to be a really good blog when the authoress gets around to blogging. You should read mine because it needs a good swift kickstart. And I like your style. You should read mine because all the content ended up on my website, and if you have any idea about how I might change the name of the website to the name of my blog without losing my blog, lemme know! See you at

  13. You have a very nice blog! I enjoy those topics that are (you're right) typically ignored!

    Please check out my blog. I just made it today, and I'm fairly new and young! I'm actually asking you for a favor. I really need feedback on it!!!

    I haven't really put a lot of things on it, but I will! Definitely!

    Please check it out :)

  14. EDIT: I also just added an ancient article I wrote about common misconceptions of adults regarding teens!

  15. Thanks @Copperman for the feedback! Your blog is very interesting and honest! Well-written too!

  16. I don't want you to read my blog </reverse psychology>

  17. no, it is not a premium template...just a regular one! :)

  18. I write about my depression, and experiences with it. I am very honest about it, to the point of complete vulnerability.

  19. Nicole- I'd love for you to write an article on my blog dealing with depression. We are looking for real and raw stories dealing with real issues. Your story definitely fits what we are looking for.

  20. Rvbm007- I'm glad you're writing and will be interested to see how your blog develops. I have a teenager and I make all of those assumptions- so thanks.

  21. Thank you so much for checking it out! Your blog is very interesting!

  22. I think you'll like my blog because we are both trying to find some answers with our writings.

  23. Since everyone is joining in - mine might interest you if you like a civil rights battle where the battlers win!

    Mind you, since we one the focus has shifted somewhat, so you may need to hit the "History" links on the side to get the backstory!

  24. teamoyeniyi- i read your blog and it seems like it's about you and your husband meeting, falling in love, him being deported, fighting for him to come back and him being allowed to return. I went into thinking that it would be about something else based on your description but it was a great story and I'm glad everything worked out for you guys!

  25. jamesonbillingsworth

    Anyone who has ever worked in customer service ought to enjoy this one!
    Beholder of the Damned

    YourPalJason is great, and Unearthed I love the tone of.

  26. Jamesonbillingsworth- good blog. I appreciate you checking mine out. I agree that YourPalJason is a funny blog.

  27. I write about weird nature stories people have told, like giant gold-loving ants, clever sharks, and blue tigers, and why they're worth remembering.

  28. @theglyptodon
    Now you got a cool blog. I like the type of nature stories you write.

  29. stonedthrowaway

    @freedomunearthed- thanks for sharing your blog.

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