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Why should I read your blog?

  1. @freedonunearthed - thansk for the kind words - I'm surious to know now that you thought it would be about going in! Is my title misleading in anyway?

    Removed, not deported! :) Semantics, I know, but deported is for criminals. Removed is for others.

  2. Theglyptodon- interesting blog. I told my wife to check it out. Great storytelling!

  3. I think you, or anyone else for that matter, should read my blog because it will both entertain you and maybe even make you think a little (hopefully) and isn't that really what blogs are about?

  4. You should read my blog because it's about the process of fixing characters and problems in plots. Even if you don't write fiction (or fanfiction, as is the main focus) you probably know someone who does and it can be helpful to them.

  5. dribblingpensioner

    Because i would like you to and you know you want to, but if you don't i won't mind :(

  6. somecogitations- your blog stinks! Just kidding. It's true what you say and sometimes I have to separate/ disconnect from the Matrix just so I can think freely again. The critical attitude is so prevalent and so easy to hold on to but it's also a lazy mentality. I'll be interested in seeing how your blog develops. What are you wanting to accomplish with it?

  7. dribblingpensioner- great blog. I was not expecting to open the page to "square testicles" but funny joke. I loved the other post you have where the guy painted his hand different animals- they were amazing!

  8. marysuefixer- interesting blog. It's very detailed and seems like it would be very helpful to fanfic writers.

  9. Thank you for the offer!

  10. You should read my blog because I'm desperate for hits. :-)

    Seriously, it's a nice little blog about my life with five children and exciting things like house fires, awesome cakes, and a my new job as a lunch lady. Riveting stuff.

  11. You should read my blog because it's fun and will make you laugh (hopefully). More importantly it will give you some food for thought with discussion of topics ranging from the stars to education, what a being human means, and much more in days to come.

  12. My readers could probably say more than I. My hope is to stir my own waters of imagination, as well as others. And then discuss. It's also to share my writers soul a bit.

  13. momfog- that is a nice little blog. Good for you with the five kiddos. And, you shouldn't be desperate for views- you have almost 20,000. You could share some love with my little blog.

  14. Matthew- awesome tag line. Your blog is really deep and I'll have to take my time reading it to really get everything your saying. I appreciate that though and it looks like you're getting some good interaction going.

  15. darkjade- I get it- Mara Jade- Emperors Fist- You mentioned SW so I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing your blog on this post.

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  17. @freedomunearthed I am currently stalking your blog. Hope you don't mind. Unlike other blogs of the same topic, it's not preachy. I like that.

  18. @feedomunearthed - Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I looked at your blog and I agree with momfog. I like that it's not preachy like other blogs like it.

  19. Mom fog and dmmaster42- thanks for following and the encouragement. I had a reader submit their story that will come out Tuesday and Wednesday. It's going to be really good.

  20. I've posted on this thread before but wanted to do so again just to say that you should read my blog becaaaause... there's a new story every week, and if it doesn't make you giggle, it will at least make you want to never visit my site again! Huzzah! Worth a look, eh?

    This week's offering is about a typical break time at a supermarket. You know you want to read it.

  21. Yo dudes thanks for the mad propz! (I think I did that right?) Buuuuuut, why don't you subscribe to my blog if you love it? Hmmmm?? I'm kidding, sorry about my jokes. But freedomunearthed, you have a very nice and well written blog. I'd comment but I have a hard time being serious and dealing with serious topics. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the perfect opportunity though. I'm going to try and check out as many of the other blogs people are promoting here as well.

  22. Well, I obviously just started but I plan to have some really funny stories and awkward situations posted. The first three posts I made were just testing the waters. I can promise you they will be more exciting.


  23. This genuinely doesn't belong on here, but I was reading through the thread and a bird just flew into my window and scared the life out of me! I needed to tell someone... a problem shared is a problem halved, and now I probably have a dead bird in my garden. Good times all round.

  24. P.S Read my blog :D

  25. insanityaquarium- i read your newest post. You seem to write down what some people think about- but much more graphic. It's funny in a very dark way. Sorry about the bird.

  26. well, I'd like to think I'm an interesting read. My topics vary from personal life, to inspiration, sometimes to lecturing (teehee) and a lot about the love of life and it's little mysteries. I have a simplistically complex take on the world, and I often protray heavy emotion in my thoughts. Most of all, love. :)

    Hope you enjoy it. I'm off to read yours now!

  27. Jason- I don't normally subscribe to blogs but since you asked and said all those nice things about my blog I figured I'd subscribe. So, it's done- I might regret it but it's done. :)

  28. Olekingcole- good start to the blog so far. Thanks for sharing it.

  29. Kymlee- great blog. Good luck on losing that weight and on getting engaged. Is your music on-line? Also, thanks for the follow!

  30. Kymlee- great blog. Good luck on losing that weight and congratulations on getting engaged. Is your music on-line? Also, thanks for the follow!

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