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Why should I read your blog?

  1. yes my music is online. You can check out my first album on itunes or on called "in her right mind" by Kymlee
    Wasn't super happy with the first album, I'm working an entirely different genre now. On my page I have quite a few songs that I wrote and are rough draft recordings for you to listen to. and no prob, your blog is intriuging. :)

  2. Just listened to the samples on ITunes- it's really good! When I get $10 I'll download it.

  3. if you're interested in sports, here's a blog for you. I don't update often, but I update on important events that most people only skim over. I take it to the next level and say why these events are significant.

  4. If you're a guy, or even a woman with a good sense of humor, you should check out my blog. It has an angry, yet humorous undertone to it. I sometimes bring up the topic of MMA, which isn't for everyone. Mostly I just go on angry tirades though...

  5. Mine is a medical/life blog from the perspective of the patient. I'm starting to get more and more traffic and I'm really starting to feel more like a writer as I find my voice. I appreciate all feedback and constructive critisism

  6. clefan0115- good articles. you should post more often.

  7. malf922- funny blog. I really like the guy on Daily Show- Lewis Black- that does a lot of angry humor. It's good to see it in a blog form.

  8. lindylu44- that's a great blog as well. thanks for sharing. I didn't read enough posts to figure out why you were seeing so many doctors but I am sorry you're going through this. Hope it doesn't last forever- I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it- great story about not knowing you were mooning everyone- I'm sure that's been blogged about on random people's blogs!

  9. Please read my blog because for every new follower I get I adopt not one, but three puppies.

  10. maxim- those are pretty funny. don't feel like you have to adopt puppies on my behalf but if you do name one snoopy- he "ran away" when I was five.

  11. Hello all! I'm new to the blogging worold. Just started today. GoodFatherBetterHusband. The name I think speaks for itself. Is for us fathers and husbands but I don't want to exclude the wives and mothers. They can earn something too. Please go read and I hope you enjoy.

  12. Hi!

    I'm new to the blogging world and would love to network with the wordpress community! While very much a fashion blog, theparttimestylist is also a chronicle of a recent commerce graduate finding her way in Toronto's financial district and redefining her personal style. While accounting and fashion seem like opposite career aspirations, theparttimestylist is dead set on finding a way to marry the two.

    - Elia,

  13. you shouldn't really read my blog, there's nothing interesting there, its quite embarrsing to be honest, just dont go there.

  14. becomingcliche

    You should read my blog because doing so will plug the hole in the ozone layer. Well, maybe not.

  15. Today on the blog we're talking about local sports teams and high school athletics as the fall seasons are about to get underway. What's the outlook for your team this season? What's your team mascot?

    Read and share at the "Ties to a Small Town" blog at

  16. My blog is just about finding the luck :)

  17. goodfatherbetterhusband- good luck with working things out. I'll be interested in reading your blog.

  18. parttimestylist- cool blog- my wife would really love it! you can find her at Good luck in your endeavors here and beyond!

  19. lonelymcsad- your blog was, well, different. special if you will.

  20. freedomunearthed when someone is prepared to place a photo of themselves - such I have - that makes them look like the 80's lovechild of an 'Angel' & Richard Marx - then it surely deserves a read. Or perhaps reporting?

  21. you should look at my new one;

  22. HelenCheck this one out Helen

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